Required fields are marked *, Lol, these theories are fun to think about, but Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland just don’t follow this sort of pattern at all. Subscribe to never miss a Theory! (Rick and Morty) Film & Animation By The Film Theorists | 2020/08/13 | 3.321M 128,767 5,481 Viral Youtube Video - Film Theory: Rick is a Morty CONFIRMED! (Rick and Morty, Feat. When ingested, they can make you super smart. Every so often, Rick has broken the fourth wall, specifically indicating that he’s in a show. Judging by the instant smartness of Morty at the end of the episode, after the seeds have been absorbed in his rectum, which also caused him to dribble at the mouth, this could very well be true. Home trending Film Theory: Rick is a Morty CONFIRMED! The experimental line of Mortys also suggests that some of the Mortys are clones. In Total Rickall, the appearance of Mr Poopybutthole is an indication that we’re following a different multiverse. He’s also been entered into the opening credits, suggesting that he’s been there all along. Seeing that Rick is the only one to blurt out these lines, it goes without saying that he’s aware that he’s in a TV show. The actors and actresses listed below lend their voices to the corresponding animated characters.. Main cast. How PICKLE RICK Functions! In The Ricklantis Mixup, the wide variety of Ricks and Mortys also leaves room for the theory to be true, especially with the introduction of baby Rick. Credits: With ‘Evil Rick’ showing a list of the most evil Ricks, Rick C-137 features on the list as well. A simulation within a simulation within another simulation? Where Morty is his own grandfather and grandson all at the same time! As we’ve seen in the very first episode, Rick and Morty embark on an adventure to retrieve seeds from super trees for Rick’s research. ► (Rick and Morty) August 14, 2020. Rate This. Add to Watchlist. Fans have suggested that the liquid in Rick’s flask isn’t alcohol, but rather distilled super tree seeds. ►   | Rick and Morty Will MORTY KILL RICK?! 5. Film Theory: Rick is a Morty CONFIRMED! Rick and Morty - How to Troll Big Studios - Did You Know Movies . World Ender. Editor: Koen Verhagen and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick The limitations are endless here. ► With endless possibilities and stories, fans’ imaginations have been running rampant on the internet with fan theories and thoughts on the show’s premise of endless multiverses. A popular theory here is that Blenjamin Blandin from Gravity Falls, a time traveller working to correct anomalies that occur in the different timelines, may actually be Morty. The amount of Easter eggs, pop culture items and political satire scattered throughout an episode are enough to keep you happy for days on end. Film Theory (2015– ) Rate This. Pinterest. For one thing, in season one Rick was simply too sharp to have the wool pulled over his eyes and it's more in character for him to … They have similar speech patterns and Rick does take more of an interest in Morty’s life as the series progresses, which shows a growing connection between the two that wasn’t always there. Making that universe's version of Morty into the Rickest Morty. Add to Watchlist. The articles on Fortress of Solitude are written by a group of talented, professional and experienced freelance writers, all experts and leaders in their various fields. This shows Rick’s first jump to a different multiverse, possibly Earth C-137. But, since Rick totally controlled the memories, it could also mean that the whole memory could have been staged – so it may also not be true. We should just be happy knowing we’re along for the ride, however crazy it may be. Get Your 30 Day Free Trial Now ►, MORE FILM THEORIES (Rick and Morty, Feat. There is ample evidence to support the idea that Evil Morty is C-137 Rick’s original Morty. (Rick and Morty) There are major, major spoilers ahead. ‘Rick and Morty’ season 5: Series’ ‘Samurai and Shogun’ anime short film to get a sequel; Theory about the real Beth. There are a variety of high-intensity and pulse-pounding sequences throughout Rick … The question here is not whether this is true but rather if any of the characters from Gravity Falls may be Rick or Morty. And now, with Evil Morty elected as President of the Citadel, the theory seems all the more plausible. TV-14 | Animation, Comedy, Talk-Show | Episode aired 29 September 2017 Previous All Episodes (300) Next Add a Plot » Added to Watchlist. Throughout the series, Rick C-137 continually claims that he’s the Rickest Rick. Maybe he’s just misunderstood. Despite all the theories floating around the Internet, all of it may be naught. Film Theory (2015– ) 6.6 / 10. ►, Credits: After being caught by the Zigerions, they try to retrieve the recipe for Dark Matter from Rick who escapes after providing them with a fake recipe that blows up their ship. Evil Morty only wants to get back to his Rick? Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy However, it’s still not impossible. Watch Film Theory: Pickle Rick ACTUALLY WORKS! | Rick and Morty ►► Get ready for this wild ride! Many have taken this to mean that the co-creators suggest the show itself also doesn’t follow a continuous story and we’re all reading too much into it. There’s no doubt that there’s something to the pairing of the two as it resonates across the multiverse, becoming something of a parody. Perhaps Rick C-137 isn’t the Rick from that multiverse, while the Morty is. DAN HARMON!) This has lead many fans to theorise that this is exactly what has lead to the occurrence of Evil Morty. But just as soon as those lines uttered, Rick C-137 goes on to suggest that a “cocky” Morty could lead to some big problems. Film Theory (2015– ) Rate This. Check out Food Theory! This is by far one of the most popular theories circulating on the Internet. In the pilot episode, Rick forces Morty to smuggle super tree seeds up his rectum, and once they get absorbed, the latter begins to convulse and drool from the mouth. Facebook. DAN HARMON!) Given that they’re not Rickless at the start, all Rickless Mortys have experienced their Ricks dying somewhere along the line. WhatsApp. Is Rick C-137 also Evil Rick? Video Game Cartoons: Remember These Shows? Another theory here is that the abandoned Morty is Evil Morty who now seeks his revenge on his Rick, which could also be Rick C-137 or all Ricks. This is by far one of the most popular theories circulating on the … Looney Tunes Cartoons Trailer: Ready For More Looney? All Rights Reserved. Rick suggests that the memories don’t matter and that Morty should just sit back and enjoy. 5. (Rick and Morty) TV-14 | Animation, Comedy, Talk-Show | Episode aired 23 April 2016 Previous All Episodes (304) Next Add a Plot » Added to Watchlist. Possibly. Radiant Black Is the Best Superhero Debut in Ages. Photo by: Rick and Morty/Facebook. How PICKLE RICK Functions! Rick and Morty's anime episode Rick and Morty vs. Genocider just tackled some major fan theories, including the one where people suspect Rick is actually Morty. The Rick and Morty/Gravity Falls CROSSOVER Conspiracy! 10. This fan theory peers closely at the intro … Rick And Morty theories … We all have our own ideas about what’s going on this over-the-top animated show. While the series does go out of its way to explicitly state that the Rick and Morty we’re following is from Earth C-137, it doesn’t always do so in every episode. Rick’s True CRIME! Add to Watchlist. Rick And Morty: 13 Crazy Theories That May Actually Be True. (Rick and Morty) trending; Videos; Film Theory: Rick is a Morty CONFIRMED! ►►► © 2020 Fortress of Solitude, a division of Fortress Entertainment. Don’t miss a Film Theory! As we see from all the Rick’s in the Citadel, they too have the same tell signs, further strengthening the theory. Blair Witch’s SECRET DANGER! In the Morty’s Mind Blowers episode, we get to see all the missing adventures (or episodes) from the show we haven’t previously been made aware of. Rick and Morty spin-off introduces dramatic theory about its two leads Rick and Morty writer Jeff Loveness claimed that the idea for the cat originated in movies like Oliver and Company . Twitter. Looking at the expression on Rick’s face, he appears almost evil. Your email address will not be published. Also, the intelligence levels are polar opposites. After being a late starter to the Rick and Morty animated series on Adult Swim, I’ve been amazed time and time again with each passing episode. The inverse here could also be possible. Skyworth SUC9300 Android 4K UHD 50” TV Review – Really Impressive! ►, #RickAndMorty #RickandMortyTheory #EvilMorty #Rick #Morty #Theory #Trailer #FilmTheory #Matpat, Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Ariel & Hercules Are RELATED?! Have you all been watching the Rick and Morty anime shorts? The source of Rick’s intelligence has long been speculated, but the most convincing fan theory has to do with the rare substance known as “super trees.”. Earlier in the episode, a group of Mortys hail Morty C-137 as The One True Morty, which would make him the Morties Morty and opposition to the Rickest Morty. For starters, at this point, there’s no real resemblance between the two. In Season 2, after Unity leaves Rick, he is heartbroken and attempts to commit suicide but fails. While there are many theories about the two being one and the same, there’s also enough reason to believe that they’re not. Film Theory (2015– ) 7.6 / 10. Especially when you consider that this is a prominent feature for Rick too. Mortal Kombat Movie: Synopsis Introduces Lewis Tan’s Cole Young, Flora & Ulysses: Disney’s Squirrel Superhero Movie Is Nuts. Many theories spawned from the Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind episode. There are different variants of this theory, however, with a mix of Morty growing up to be Rick or some sort of time travel backstory. MORE FILM THEORIES Rick’s True CRIME! TV-14 | Animation, Comedy, Talk-Show | Episode aired 11 May 2017 Previous All Episodes (259) Next Add a Plot » Added to Watchlist. Blair Witch’s SECRET DANGER! There are many more floating around, but these Rick And Morty theories have gained the most traction over the years. Well, this may not be a theory, since it’s been established that the shows do share the same universe. After some heinous, gut-wrenching disaster that ends in the rest of his family's death, Morty takes Rick's portal gun and digs around the garage, where he finds the remote, a leftover from Needful Things. Pixar film Cars (2006) presents world that is very similar to ours, with one big exception that is being completely inhabited by sentient vehicles such as cars and planes. That said, looking at the upcoming episode guides, there is a sequence and story that plays out in the end. Your email address will not be published. Perhaps the most popular and widely accepted theory about Evil Morty’s true intentions heavily implies that he is Rick’s original Morty. WandaVision Episode 1 And 2 Recap & Review, Watch: The Equalizer TV Series Trailer Stars Queen Latifah, Las Vegas – The Best TV Show About Casinos. If you’re a Rick and Morty fan, the chances are you’ll have heard about the furore around a particular fan theory, which claims that Rick is actually Morty. Rick and Morty theories: Rick’s C-137 identity explained The most recent episode of the current season, Rattlestar Ricklactica, featured a time-bending plot on a … Rick and Morty spin-off introduces dramatic twist that Rick and Morty are the same person. “Mortys are raised to be sidekicks.”.

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