Strong arms to cuddle with, only if he used them, Matsukawa: definitely snores, but not as dad-like like Daichi. It used to be that overdramatic whistling exhale but now its real. Date Tech High 13 Fav. he loves knitting. my heart beats for over 20 men and not a single of them exist. Sed bienvenidos a lo suculento ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°, Date Tech High (Japanese: 伊達工業 (だてこうぎょう) 高校 (こうこう) , Datekōgyō Kōkō)is ahigh school in the Miyagi Prefecture. TELL ME THIS ISNT THE SAME THING BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, here is skate rat aone…yes he’s wearing eyeliner, yes he’s wearing your initials on his chain, yes I got carried away, gotta tag the skate rat queen @undermattsun. Help him meditate a bit and relax him then he’ll give you some nice cuddles, Yamamoto: just like Tanaka he grumbles in his sleep and has really crusty sheets. Biggest cuddle bug, please hold him close to your chest, Akaashi: ceo of pretty sleepers right here. Sleeps like a pole, the only way you are getting cuddles is if you hug him , Kuroo: we all know he sleeps on his stomach with his head squished between two pillows. Aone + Futakuchi dorizard 6 2 Aone Hinecko-Rin 14 0 KFbirthday1110 pochio16 5 2 Kamafuta pochio16 14 0 the first kiss Reikiwie 115 6 30 Day Haikyu! - Date Tech including, Pins, Can Badges, Rubber Straps, Bag Charms, Keychains, and etc. Rolls about, snores - when he’s not snoring he’s monologuing whatever is in his dream. Fifty-step skincare routine he does before bed. he does start to pick up on when you have your mind set, and he learns he can’t stop you after that lmAO, but he doesn’t help you go through with whatever you want, because he doesn’t usually see a point

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