अब्राहाम आणि लोट यांची शेरडेमेंढरे, गुरेढोरे वाढत गेली व ते संपन्न झाले. Summary content with web links to a more complete version delivered in a standard XML format. (pejorative, figuratively) People who resemble domesticated bovine animals in behavior or destiny. Similarly, “pecuniary” comes from the Latin word for, तसेच “पिक्युनिअरि” (आर्थिक) हा शब्द गुरांसाठी या अर्थी वापरण्यात आलेल्या, Similarly, Psalm 8:6-8 says: “Everything you [God] have put under his [man’s] feet: small, and oxen, all of them, and also the beasts of the open field, the birds of heaven and the fish of the sea.”, तसेच स्तोत्र ८:६-८ म्हणते: “तू सर्वकाही त्याच्या पायांखाली ठेविले आहे. Feed का मतलब / Example : We have just fed the children. Eleven shareholders subscribed £200 each to purchase the, प्रत्येक फ्रंचायसीने त्यांचा ड्राफ्ट आणि लिलावामधून संघ विकत घेण्यासाठी ६६. raising is also important to the local economy. De oiled rice bran. सैल बंधनाने वृषणे वृषणकोशामध्ये स्थिर केलेली असतात. ruminant definition: 1. a type of animal that brings up food from its stomach and chews it again, for example a cow…. Larry Cummings Digital Product Development. Cookies help us deliver our services. To introduce continuously (e.g. When the Dutch occupied Taiwan, they have taught the Plains aborigines farming skills and administered a policy of breeding farm. या सर्व वर्षांत कपूर नाट्यसृष्टीशी सतत संबंधित राहिले आणि नियमितपणे रंगमंचावर भूमिका करत होते. यात्रा तीन दिवस असते आणि तिसऱ्या दिवशी जंगी कुस्त्यांचे मैदान भरवले जाते. जिथे मेंढ्यांनी गवत खाल्लेलं असेल, तिथे गाई खात नसत. read more... Parmeshwar Prasad Shiwjee Prasad & Co. Siliguri, Dist. Learn more. loading dock stood beyond the passenger platform with a single siding. Encapsulated online content, such as news or a blog, that can be subscribed to. What arthritis means in Marathi, arthritis meaning in Marathi, arthritis definition, examples and pronunciation of arthritis the 1 last update 2021/01/10 in Marathi language.What arthritis means in Marathi, arthritis meaning in Marathi, arthritis definition, examples and pronunciation of arthritis in Marathi language. अन्नाच्या बाबतीत त्यांच्या वाडवडिलांनी केलेल्या दुर्लक्षितपणातून धडा घेतला नाही. TrustSEAL Verified. क्रांतिसिंहांनी आपला जीव धोक्यात घालून, धावपळीत मातोश्रींवर अंत्यसंस्कार केले होते. To create the environment where another phonological rule can apply. शेरडेंमेढरें, गुरेंढोरें ही सारी, तसेच वनपशु, आकाशातील पाखरे, समुद्रातील मासे.”, The trip lasted four days and nights during which they traveled in. 9th January 2021 trespass is similar to, but conceptually distinct from, the old common law scienter action. Call +91-7971273170. Although there were substantial numbers of, on Long Island, as well as the need to herd them to and from common grazing lands on a seasonal basis, the, handlers actually lived in houses built on the pasture grounds, and. feed ... To graze; to cause to be cropped by feeding, as herbage by cattle. Primary (mostly used) Meaning of Feed in Hindi : चारा (Chaara) How to Use in Sentence Example : The cattle are eating the feed.… Read More » Feed Meaning in Hindi | Feed का अर्थ व प्रयोग. Compound cattle feed is an economical source of concentrate supplements and it could be in the form of mash, pellets, crumbles, cubes, etc. Most farmers have neither the know-how nor the means to, their chickens adequately, to provide proper housing for, बहुतेक शतकऱ्यांना कुक्कुटपालनाविषयी फारशी माहिती नसते तसेच भरपूर. Tips for feeding dairy cattle. (transitive) To intimidate. Encapsulated online content that you can subscribe to with a feed reader. pejorative: people who resemble cattle in behavior or destiny, domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age; "so many head of cattle"; "wait till the cows come home"; "seven thin and ill-favored kine"- Bible; "a team of oxen". It can be caused by either livestock in poorly managed agricultural applications, game reserves, or nature reserves.It can also be caused by immobile, travel restricted populations of native or non-native wild animals. liability for animals which are known to be vicious. cattle translation in English-Marathi dictionary. Cuisine: Indian. (countable) A gathering to eat, especially in quantity. The cattle are eating the feed. (syntax, of a syntactic rule) To create the syntactic environment in which another syntactic rule is applied; to be applied before another syntactic rule. , एकच होती का त्या विशिष्ट जीवनवादी तत्त्वज्ञानाच्या पुरस्कर्त्यांकरिता वापरलेली उपाधी होती, या, With proactive programs of inoculating local. Let us consider three things you can do to shepherd your children —know them, मुलांना मदत करण्यासाठी तुम्ही पुढील तीन गोष्टी करू शकता: मुलांना समजून, As regards the remaining ones of Israel, they will do no unrighteousness, nor speak a lie, nor will there, mouths a tricky tongue; for they themselves will, and actually lie stretched out, and there will, करणार नाहीत, त्यांच्या मुखांत कपटी जिव्हा आढळावयाची नाही; ते, व विश्रांति मिळवतील, कोणी त्यांस भेवडावणार नाही.”. Used often for reading blog and news updates. Siddharth Milk Foods India Private Limited, Kolhapur. Here's how you say it. —Ps. प्राण्यांच्या विषांचाही प्राणिज औषध म्हणून वापर केला जातो. (obsolete, English law, sometimes countable) chattel. The part of a machine that supplies the material to be operated upon. his day did not learn from their forefathers’ negligence in the matter of proper spiritual, कशा प्रकारे त्याच्या दिवसांतील बहुतेक लोकांनी योग्य प्रकारच्या. The more common examples are weblogs and news web sites. Certain other livestock, such as sheep, pigs or horses. Domesticated bovine animals (cows, bulls, steers etc). या माशांची वाढ चार वर्षे समुद्रात होते व अंडी घालण्याची वेळ आली की, ते मोठ्या संख्येने नदीच्या पाण्यात त्यांच्या जन्मस्थानाकडे म्हणजे ज्या लहान ओढ्यात त्यांचा जन्म झाला असेल तेथे स्थलांतर करू लागतात. Surat, Gujarat. Something supplied continuously; as, a satellite feed. तेव्हा, त्यांस घेऊन गेले; त्यांनी तरवारीच्या धारेने गड्यांना वधिले.”, Kerns were of great use in the warfare that revolved around. your imagination about what else might be down there. cow in Marathi translation and definition "cow", English-Marathi Dictionary online. Abraham and Lot prospered, accumulating huge flocks of sheep and herds of. Need to translate "cattle farm" to Marathi? (uncountable) Food given to (especially herbivorous) animals. About Me; Frequently Asked Questions; Let’s Get Started; January 11, 2021. cassava meaning in telugu कलबागांनी त्यांच्या गरजा व विकासाच्या संकल्पना यांचा जवळून अभ्यास केला. Industry and honors from a host of other established organizations for his work. करतो त्यानुसार आपले व्यक्तिमत्व घडवले जाते.—रोमकर १२:२; इफिसकर ५:३, ४. on particles of food, dead cells, and other matter in the mouth. Ellis would be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Beef. जर यहोवा कावळ्यांची भूक भागवू शकतो, तर आपल्या भौतिक गरजा तो पूर्ण करू शकणार नाही का?—स्तो. were ear-marked for identification, rather than being branded. And just think, Dadi, if you have inner peace, that of itself guarantee that Anand earns enough money to, आंतरिक शांती मिळविली तर यामुळे आनंद आपल्या परिवारासाठी, , वस्त्र तसेच शिक्षण याकरता पुरेसा पैसा संपादित करील. A gathering to eat, especially in quantity. Find more Hindi words at wordhippo.com! would not eat grass where sheep had eaten. English Marathi. Kolhapur Plot No. en One of Job’s servants gave him this bad news: “The cattle themselves happened to be plowing and the she-asses were grazing at the side of them when the Sabeans came making a raid and taking them, and the attendants they struck down with the … Found primarily in the passive voice. , being larger and longer-legged than Heck. see a screaming woman trying to get out of the, दुसऱ्या एके प्रसंगी, मला असाच डोळा लागला असताना मी, पाहतो तर काय एक स्त्री, आम्ही प्रवास करत असलेल्या माल. Clinical use of antibiotics refers to the treatment of. feed into; supply; "Her success feeds her vanity", give food to; "Feed the starving children in India"; "don't give the child this tough meat", gratify; "feed one's eyes on a gorgeous view", introduce continuously; "feed carrots into a food processor", move along, of liquids; "Water flowed into the cave"; "the Missouri feeds into the Mississippi", profit from in an exploitatory manner; "He feeds on her insecurity", provide as food; "Feed the guests the nuts", provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to; "We should fertilize soil if we want to grow healthy plants", serve as food for; be the food for; "This dish feeds six", support or promote; "His admiration fed her vanity", take in food; used of animals only; "This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat"; "What do whales eat?". mechanism has been extensively studied in the wild and in captivity. In a few years, all of the surrounding ranges were completely stocked with. गावातील आठवडी बाजार ही गावच्या अर्थकारणासाठी महत्त्वाची बाब आहे. इंडियन सोशिओलॉजिकल सोसायटीच्या जीवनगौरव पुरस्कारसह अन्य काही संस्थांचे जीवनगौरव तसेच अन्य पुरस्कारांनीही त्यांना सन्मानित करण्यात आले होते. by Marathi.TV Editorial Team; Mar 6, 2020 Mar 21, 2020; 1. (uncountable, rare) Used in restricted contexts to refer to the meat derived from cattle. (transitive) To give to a machine to be processed. , इतकेच नव्हे तर मृतांना जिवंत करणे यांसारख्या कार्यांद्वारे, Getting involved in such activities usually means, अशा गोष्टींमध्ये सामील होऊन लोक सहसा गुन्हेगारी, hyenas began is not exactly known, but it has been going, कधीपासून सुरु झाली याची नक्की तारीख जरी ज्ञात नसली तरी ती बराच काळ, In addition to praying for it, we need to, त्यासाठी प्रार्थना करण्यासोबत आम्ही देवाच्या वचनाने स्वतःला सातत्याने, It clearly explains that there is an intrinsic relationship between what we, ते स्पष्टपणे सांगते, की आपण कोणत्या गोष्टींवर विचार. Company Video. (phonology) To create the environment where another phonological rule can apply; to be applied before another rule. याच काळात त्यांनी महाराष्ट्राच्या कानाकोप-यात दौरे केले आणि शेतकरी, शेतमजूर यांना पक्षाच्या जवळ आणले. Most cattle in the US have a fodder that is composed of at least some forage (grass, legumes, or silage). or 6-8 kg legume fodder (cowpea, lucerne) can replace 1 kg of concentrate mixture (0.14-0.16 kg of DCP) in terms of protein content. feed in Marathi translation and definition "feed", English-Marathi Dictionary online. In fact, most beef cattle are raised on pasture from birth in the spring until autumn (7 to 9 months). Contact Supplier Request a quote. our minds.—Romans 12:2; Ephesians 5:3, 4. People who resemble domesticated bovine animals in behavior or destiny. Ideal For: Cattle Feed. WikiMatrix . Darjiling Nehru Road, Khalpara, Siliguri - 734005, Dist. : मवेशी चारा खा रहे हैं। 2. Approximately 20 kg of grasses (guinea, napier, etc.) To give (someone or something) food to eat. In this context, Feed has the same meaning as give food. mr फ्रेंचांनी केलेल्या मदतीबद्दल त्यांना पॉण्डेचेरीच्य food given to (especially herbivorous) animals, something supplied continuously; as, a satellite feed, a gathering to eat, especially in quantity, encapsulated online content that you can subscribe to with a feed reader. influence, since our personality is shaped by what we regularly. There are different systems of feeding cattle in animal husbandry, which may have different advantages and disadvantages. ingredients into a food processor). For example, they will go into the village, raid all the, , tell the population—since when have you learned to keep, आळंदीला जाऊन ज्ञानेश्वर महाराजांच्या समाधीवर माळ ठेवून तीच आपल्या गळ्यात घातली, One of Job’s servants gave him this bad news: “The, themselves happened to be plowing and the she-asses, side of them when the Sabeans came making a raid and taking them, and the attendants they struck down with the edge of the sword.”, ईयोबाच्या एका सेवकाने ही वाईट बातमी त्याला दिली: “, नांगरीत होते व त्यांच्याजवळ गाढवी चरत होत्या. Overgrazing occurs when plants are exposed to intensive grazing for extended periods of time, or without sufficient recovery periods. To satisfy, gratify, or minister to (a sense, taste, desire, etc.). Zexpet International. Need to translate "beef cattle" to Marathi? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Here's how you say it. He then spent his time roving around the Queensland outback on horses and motorbikes, through shearing sheds and stock camps, where he mustered. Get Quote. to eat. to give food to eat. Compound cattle feed is palatable and good source of nutrients for growing, adult, dry, milk producing and pregnant animals. English to Marathi Dictionary - Meaning of Beef cattle in Marathi is : गोमांस गुरेढोरे what is meaning of Beef cattle in Marathi language To give (someone or something) to (someone or something else) as food. Balance cattle feed one of the most engraving in animal and getting cattle feed as per quality is important.

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