The average round trip time for a Katahdin hike is 8-12 hours.. For more in-depth trail descriptions, we publish our own trail guide. For the summer of 2020, reservations can be made up to the start date of your trip, dependent on availability. Permits Backpacking permit required ($5 plus $2/person/night; no quota). If you score a permit, the next step is confirming and paying for your permits. While there are fewer opportunities to backpack on state lands (and a Discover Pass for entry or parking is usually all that is required), there are a few spots where you might need a special backcountry permit. But in the end, they serve a valuable purpose. (Some trails and camps may remain snow-covered until July.). As of 2017 up to 60 percent of all backcountry permits for some popular areas in North Cascades National Parks will be available via the new online reservation process. Current Operating Guidelines & New Booking Terms → 800-715-HIKE (4453) (9-4:30 Every Day) Some of these permits are free, while others come with small fees. Be sure to arrive at the ranger station early to snag a spot. Distance: 32 miles (51.5km) Elevation Gain: 6,000 feet (1,828m) Difficulty: Strenuous. This fee will cover the cost of maintaining an online application process. Reservations can be made for the following areas: The North Cascades reservation lottery will open on March 15 and end on March 24. Within a couple hours of San Francisco, backpackers can find National Parks, Open Space Preserve, State Parks, and land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM land) to backpack in. All Wilderness Camping Permits must be obtained in advance. You may renew up to 2 more times with permission from a driver licensing office supervisor. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance. Check individual park sites for information about how to get your permit. This is when you will be charged the $5.00/person/day fee. Treat this season as a chance to gather intel about the area by day hiking it. There will no longer be alternate group leaders. Subscribe to our free email newsletter for hiking events, news, gear reviews and more. Permits for travel along the Pacific Crest Trail are required in some but not all areas along the trail. Most (75 percent) of those permits are issued through an annual lottery, which you can apply for between February 15 and Feb 29. If making an online backpacking reservation, in the “Where” field, enter the name of the state park you are interested in. Wilderness camping permits: To backpack or overnight camp in some delicate or popular places, like the Enchantments in the Mt. Backpacking the Washington Coast: Olympic National Park If you like walking on boardwalks through green tunnels, beach hiking, exploring tide pools, solitude, having campfires on the beach, or just need an excuse to slowdown, you will love hiking along the Washington coast! But keep your head up, and you'll notice the days are getting longer and the forecast sunnier. Sno-Park permits are still required on free days at designated Sno-Parks during the winter season. At this point, you will NOT have purchased a permit, but rather will have entered the lottery. Discover Pass 5. If you want to get in the running for one of the reserved permits, read up on the North Cascades Backcountry Reservation page and follow these basic steps. 1. Contact (360) 565-3100; [The Alternate Viewpoint] Please call the park office to acquire a permit prior to arrival at 360-793-0420. If you don't win one of the lottery permits: Trailhead parking: USFS trailheads in Washington and Oregon with developed facilities (toilet, picnic table, etc.) There will be no walk up permits available at any Wilderness Information Center (WIC). washington state hiking & backpacking Featuring incredible volcanoes, rainforests, mountain ranges, and more, our Washington hiking tours are some of the best in the U.S. To book the rest of your trip as campsites become available on the following days, log in into your account and access your reservations, then modify your permit to add dates to your reservation. Note: The application process saw some minor tweaks back in the 2017 season, so be sure to brush up on the complete process at before sending in your application. Trailhead passes for parking are included in the permit cost … 100% of camp area availability will be available online, there will be no availability saved for walk-up. Backcountry & Wilderness Permits. Our tax identification number is EIN 91-0900134. Bookmark it: An application link should go live on the North Cascades National Park Permit Page on March 15. (There is a maximum of 5 persons per campsite. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest or the Mount Margaret backcountry camps at Mount St. Helens you will need to secure a wilderness permit. Cama Beach offers visitors a chance to step back in time to a 1930s-era Puget Sound fishing resort complete with waterfront cedar cabins and bungalows. Passes. You can renew it by visiting an office and paying the renew instruction permit fee. Some are seasonal, and others are required year-round. Your permit will be issued by WIC staff 5-7 days before the start of your trip, you will then be able to log in to your account and print the permit yourself. Peter Stevens. (Applying early doesn't give you preference for a permit, so just make sure to get your application in during this window.). Once all your changes are in place, print and sign your permit once all the details to your trip are finalized. Circumnavigate Mt. (Applying early doesn't give you preference for a reservation, just make sure to get your request in during this window.). The Enchantments Permits: A Guide to Washington’s Rugged Majesty [2019] The Enchantments are part of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. State forest campgrounds and backcountry sites along the PNT, such as the Loomis State Forest in Eastern Washington and the Blanchard Forest, in the Chuckanut Mountains are first-come, first-served, and are free to use. Reserved permits will be issued by Wilderness Information Center staff 5-7 days before the start date of your trip, you will then be able to log in to your account and print the permit yourself. Know what to do if you encounter mountain goats. Take a few hikes and get a feeling for where you might like to plan a trip in next year. Use our guide to research what you need. Four of the top backpacking destinations in Washington State including hikes in North Cascades National Park and Olympic National Park. Backcountry Permits When is a Backcountry Permit Required? There's still hope! … Enchantment Area Wilderness Permits The rugged and beautiful Enchantment Permit Area is contained within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. And the pass system has long been confusing and redundant. The view of Seven Lakes Basin from the High Divide Trail. Backcountry (or wilderness) permits, like those issued in national parks or quota areas like the Enchantments, serve a different purpose than parking passes or entry fees. Contact an office for more information. Contributions to WTA are tax deductible, and we are committed to making the best use of every donation to our mission. Permits. Did you confirm? As of 2020, wilderness permit reservations can be made up to 6 months to the day in advance on a rolling basis. Please note, free days apply only to day use (not overnight stays or rented facilities). Trailhead 47.949035, -123.258448; 24 miles southeast of Port Angeles on Deer Park Rd. Backpackers can obtain a camping permit for these parks at the Pennsylvania state parks reservation website or by calling the specific park office during business hours. Some of these permits are free, while others come with small fees. Starting in 2021, you will need a Central Cascades Wilderness Permit for trips in Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington, and Three Sisters Wilderness areas. If you plan to backpack in a National Park or monument, you will need to secure a backcountry/wilderness permit. Permits are available by advanced reservation through Find information on state park permits. Port Angeles, WA ), Washington Trails Association Application processing will begin on April 1, and may take up to four weeks to complete. Permits are required year round for all overnight stays in the backcountry of North Cascades National Park Service Complex (North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas). It's a good idea to research where and when you'd like to go before you start the application process since making changes to an application may not be easy or even possible once you've submitted it. Requests received after April 1 will be processed in the order received, after the priority batch has been processed. Every member of the group must begin on the reserved start date, and camp with the party leader. But reservations for high elevation areas like the Seven Lakes Basin are limited to a shorter summer season (typically mid-July until mid-October). By limiting the number of visitors to an area, permits not only preserve the environment but also the experience of hikers themselves. This allows you to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature in relative solitude. Dreaming of Summer: Washington Backcountry Permits to Get Now In the midst of January in the Pacific Northwest, summer can feel like a vague and distant memory. 705 2nd Ave, Suite 300 Katahdin Trail Descriptions Hiking Katahdin requires an elevation gain of around 4,000’. You must be at least 18 years of age to obtain a permit. They may also be used to disperse recreation use or help ensure that the number of visitors does not exceed the capacity of the land or adversely affect the visitor experience. You will be charged a $6.00 non-refundable application fee. Stehekin Area (Lakeview, Purple Point and Harelquin). There are a few walk-up permits offered daily, but for most people, visiting requires some advanced planning and a lot of luck. charge a parking fee—this includes a majority trailheads in the Cascades and Olympics. Permits are a way of regulating the amount of foot traffic in fragile environments that can only handle so much use before they begin to erode. Permits can be picked up at the closest ranger station and must be picked up by 11 a.m. on the trip start date, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled and made available to walk-ups. In Wallace Falls State Park, there are two lakes—Wallace Lake and Jay Lake—where backcountry camping is allowed, with overnight permits. Cama Beach State Park C ama Beach is located on the southwest shore of Camano Island, facing Saratoga Passage. Spontaneous planners will still be able to use the regular walk-up permit process. Forty percent of backcountry permits will be held for walk-ups only. These permits are issued when extra measures are required for natural and cultural resource protection, or to provide for the health and safety of visitors. To build a multi-day itinerary at a popular location: campsites are only available 6 months to the day of when you are booking. Check out the North Cascades Wilderness Trip Planner to get some insight, and browse past trip reports for a sense of the area and conditions to expect in low, regular and high-snow years. You'll also be asked to provide additional information about party size (maximum of 8 people), the length of your stay, and pay for the permit. Olympic National Park. For current wilderness conditions, please visit the, For more information on Wilderness Camping Permits visit the. Permits are required for day and overnight use in this area. Type of Pass 2. Backcountry permits will remain free in the North Cascades. Day hike the North Cascades. If you want to camp in these spots outside of the reservation window, you need to check with the Wilderness Information Center. If your reservation is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation with trip details and further instructions. A list of sites is here. Camping, lodging, and pavilion permits may be reserved and purchased up to one year in advance. All Wilderness Camping Permits must be reserved on, Park-wide wilderness camping area quotas have been implemented to further align with guidelines associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be no self-registration available for the remainder of 2020, trailhead permits are no longer available. Permits for backpacking in Washington’s popular Enchantments go online Originally published January 26, 2011 at 4:33 pm Updated January 26, 2011 at 6:46 pm The only exceptions to this are for all parks on the island of Oʻahu, and for Kīholo SPR on the island of Hawaiʻi, where permits can be applied for no more than 30 days in advance. All Wilderness Camping Permits must … Self-registered Wilderness permits: When you are hiking or backpacking into other Wilderness areas on National Forest land, you may see a kiosk to fill out a self-registered, free wilderness permit. They may be available on a walkup basis. But the first thing you need to know to start backpacking is where you’re going and what permits you need to get in. Your accepted reservation must be converted to a permit before you depart on your trip. A Discover Pass is still required to access lands managed by the Washington state departments of Natural Resources and Fish & Wildlife on all other days. It's a good idea to research where and when you'd like to go before you start the application process since making changes to an application may not be easy or even possible once you've submitted it. Washington State Parks The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission manages a diverse system of more than 100 state parks and recreation programs, including long-distance trails, boating safety and winter recreation. If you have any questions, WIC staff are available via email at or by phone at (360) 565-3100. Reservations will become available at at 7 a.m. PST. Your Washington permit might not be valid for driving in another state. 98362. Washington Trails Association is 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Quota numbers and camp area availability will be displayed in real time on and will be available on a first come, first serve basis through the. These lands belong to all of us, and while they may not be a perfect solution, the combination of permits, lotteries, and a limited number of walk-up passes—goes a long way toward providing a fair allocation process and ensuring equal access to the opportunity. According to this story in the Everett Herald, nearly 40 percent of Washington—about 20 million acres—is owned by various public agencies. Because of the ongoing pandemic and reduced levels of trail maintenance in 2020, this will be a challenging year for long-distance travel on the PCT.Please read our current COVID-19 statement and our Guidance for Traveling the PCT During the Covid-19 Pandemic. The 2020 Enchantment lottery will open on February 15, 2020 and end on February 29, 2020. Backcountry (or wilderness) permits, like those issued for backpacking in national parks or quota areas like the Enchantments, along the Wonderland Trail or Mount St. Helens Backcountry to help regulate foot traffic in fragile environments. But if… If you apply, set yourself a reminder to check back during this period; don't count on an email. If you win a permit in the lottery, then you need to confirm and pay for it between March 17 and March 31. The barriers posed by permits are, more often than not, that they can be confusing and difficult to secure. Hiking permits, backpacking permits, and campground reservations all vary depending on what you are looking for, and so my goal here is to give you glance at some of California’s most popular hikes and areas permit regulations so you don’t have to go searching each and every one of them down.

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