During the games Varro is successful in winning his first arena battle and goes to give Spartacus support. He was stubborn and stupid and selfish and Spartacus never failed to remind of this. While lacking any combat experience in the beginning, Varro quickly proves himself to be an able gladiator, fighting in various styles of weaponry such as sword and shield, spear, axe, dagger and single sword. Auerlia is a Roman with long brown hair and a thin build. Vidéos à découvrir. Spartacus est rongé par le remords devant le cadavre de Varro. Libération. Varro is released from solitary and is told by Spartacus that he has sent a house slave named Mira to locate them. Varro kisses his wife, Aurelia in their reunion. Sadly, while he was in the Ludus, Aurelia was raped by a Roman man and became pregnant. Spartacus kapja a megtiszteltetés, hogy … He plotted to kill Batiatus and witness the fall of the house. Spartacus: "...How did this come to be? Her dying wish is for Spartacus to stay away from her son so that he would not die as his parents did. There were a number of compelling male and female characters and as a result, plenty of relationships and flings were born. Batiatus then makes it so that the Primus will have Spartacus and Crixus face each other. He does so begrudeingly. When he first catches sight of her, it is as if Venus has come to land and graces him with her presence. Unfortunately, Glaber and his men intercepts the group and kills all the runaways except for Aurelia, who is captured and presented before a Roman crowd, where Glaber plans to fo, rce her to give up Spartacus's location. Il s'est servi de moi . Varro was born a Roman Citizen, and eventually sold himself into slavery to pay off his gambling debts, and became a Gladiator.. Les deux gladiateurs firent leur entrée, enchaîner par les pieds l'un à l'autre. After sending Ashur to deliver a message to his family, the Syrian returns without a reply and instead arranged for his wife and son to come see him themselves. Varro took a non-traditional route to become a gladiator. Heath Jones as Donar – a German gladiator who becomes one of the chief warriors among the rebels. To Pompeii or Sicilia." During a training session Spartacus speaks. Varro est depuis 1 an au ludus de Lentulus Batiatus .Un soir,Varro rencontre la princesse Alicia. Fix ME. Suivre. The cast of spartacus what looks linke now. The next day, when they receive no food, Spartacus shares the bread Ashur gave him with Varro. Mira is later chosen because of her beauty to try and seduce Spartacus. ", Spartacus: "Do not forget why you are here, Varro. Libération. Brooke Williams is well known for her portrayal of Aurelia in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Varro ended up caught in the crosshairs of Ilithyia's vendetta against Spartacus. Glaber, Ilithyia and his soldiers return to Capua and take up residence in the ludus and are shocked to find Lucretia alive but seemingly insane and she remembers very little, to Ilithyia's relief. He has always felt as if the world is spinning around him and no matter his efforts he cannot keep up, but when he first meets her eyes, he finally feels it pause. Aurelia is introduced visiting Varro at Batiatus' Ludus with their young son after he has Ashur send a letter to her. As they converse, Doctore and Ashur arrive and announce the positions of the upcoming games. He also does not wish to fight Varro, remarking that although he wishes many in the Ludus dead, he is not among them. Pairing: Varro/Aurelia Fandom: Spartacus By: asirensrage. Sarko est méchant et le PS cafte. And now we train all day!?" Varro is the husband of Aurelia, father of Janus, and a friend to Spartacus. With the common goal of fighting for their loved ones, the two solidify a true friendship. Varro találkozik a feleségével és a fiával. Bash Brothers: With Spartacus. Numerius, clueless that he's talking to Varro's widow, confirms it and dismisses him as "nothing", at which point Aurelia surreptitiously picks up a knife from the table behind her. Canon Foreigner; The Confidant: To Spartacus. Aurelia, comes to visit him with their son, he is excited to see his family and kisses his beloved wife. Boldog, mert azt hitte, hogy Aurelia és Jonas halott. You dishonor your own wife!" Spartacus causes aggression within Gnaeus and sees him injured. Ellen Hollman as Saxa – a German slave and warrior whom Agron frees. Aurelia getting her revenge for the death of Varro was satisfying. Aurelia (Spartacus) Quintus Lentulus Batiatus; Lucretia (Spartacus) Ashur (Spartacus) Additional Tags: Rape/Non-con Elements; Rape; Language: English Stats: Published: 2020-11-14 Updated: 2020-12-02 Words: 5441 Chapters: 5/? Varro: "She did not fight!" Varro appears as one of the characters in Spartacus: Swords and Ashes and Spartacus: Morituri. Here we see Crixus’ obsession with the arena. He is so much affected that he begins seeing the dead man’s ghost. Spartacus, recently widowed, convinces his friend to forgive his wife by winning money from him and then giving it back.