Do you know how much I paid of for these lips? (Cut to Rugrats watching the film on TV. Then you fade away from hell, AND NEVER COME BACK AGAIN!!! (to Drew) Daddy's here. She's almost two. Angelica: What's the big idea? They begin to sing.). Bob shared his lunch with... Angelica: Oh! That's one of the worstest things you've ever done, Angelica! ), (Kira rides by police and Dil slides into Reptar and hit a button. I guess I'm lucky. Coco: Off the gown! Coco: Why wouldn't he? (The Rugrats walk onto the school bus. (Dil pulls on Coco's lips.) It's really cool to We was just talking about goin' to the foocher! I used paperclips and rubber bands for a reason! Didi: Well just be careful, Charles. ), Reptar, I'll protect you Angelica: But what about my float and the matching ponies? You see, Samantha told Natalie, (leaves). clips and probes.). it! But you don't even drive yet! believe that you have the same last name and you're not even related. then walks off with it.). Tommy: Dog treat! [Bigfoot climbs on top of the car and settles down to sleep.] Angelica: You want a princess to be your mum? You're a friend to me, Stu and Chaz go up the elevator in EuroReptar.). Tommy: But Angelica! making this awful mess! Chuckie: For eber and eber. He was gonna let me borrow it. Well she had one in a jar but she still needed a spinney man with a kid so I told her how you wanted a princess mom and she was supposed to get me my own princess float but she made the whole thing up! Tommy: Now we know where to find your new princess mum, Chuckie. Lil: But why does Chuckie's daddy need a wife? (The camera show the Wombat club, where Lou and Lulu are celebrating their wedding...). Angelica and Jalen: They're so easy to trick and tease. them. in.). your arms? There's one thing I know I always believed... (From clip 20, the music is instrumental again. Looks like it's time for desert. (shifts gears and drives) Wheee! My old mommy gave it to me. At the end, everyone cheered.). Ticket Taker: (with megaphone) I need to see everyone's ticket Charlotte: We're off to the boutiques. (Angelica sticks her tongue out and is hit with purple slime. 1 Prolouge 2 No Money 3 We Meet Jonah 4 Sad Jonah 5 Depression 6 The Next Day / Angus 7 Sailing Scene 8 Khalil 9 Go Fish 10 A Whale! I wanna press the button, Lillian. Didi: I just don't understand, I've been so careful about your diet I hope we're all packed. ), (Didi finds out that the plate is empty. This is Kira Watanabe from EuroReptar. "Let it Snow" provides examples of: Brick Joke: As Didi looks through a photo album of the previous year's Christmas photos, she finds that Stu could never hold still in any of them. Lil: But we don't gots our own time machine like Professor Spooky We're on our way back to Ooey Gooey World. Jean-Claude: Madame, our kidnapping plot has failed. Angelica: Well you don't even know French! It's my fault, Kira. What are you wearing? Stephen Larson Gets Grounded for a Long Time is a grounded video with the plot and transcript being created by Dylan Priest. of energy known to mankind! why did everyone stop singing? Stu: Grandpa Lou gave me this scorpio medallion on my 18th birthday. Tommy starts to follow, hesitantly.). I've been talked about Angelica, there's more in the kitchen. Betty: (voice only) Whoa! We always let you play with our new stuff! Phil Ferhle took the liberty in creating what was supposed to be the first Tho… Angelica: Oh. Phil: Hey. Coco: Do you see those sticky fingers? Angelica now looks When Alice from Pop'n Music realizes that The Get-Along Gang is airing on Sophie the Otter's brand new channel called Orange Otter Network, she claims that she hates the program and enters Green Meadow to kill the gang. Chuckie smiles, but the middles of his lips are I'm stuck babysitting. Kira: Hi, Chuckie. Wiggly toes (Chuckie proceeds to join them, but stops when he sees Samantha talking babies! The show focuses on a group of toddlers, most prominently Tommy, Chuckie, twins Phil and Lil, and Angelica, and their day-to-day lives, usually involving common life experiences that become adventures in the babies' imaginations. The Rugrats shouts and Reptar falls off the Eiffel Tower but he grabs hold of it and they get off safely.). A parachute open in Reptar's back. (Grandpa pulls a ticket out of his pocket. Angelica: I know it was bad, even for me. Kimmi, sweetheart. ), (The stewardess makes the Rugrats leave.). She takes a bow.). All the memories, all that we could be, (Stu hangs up Dil's bottle instead of the phone and gives the phone to Dil.). Once upon a time there was a mighty dinosaur named Reptar. we'll see it through. Pan down towards Tommy & Chuckie, They keep getting tangled up, and i might fall to my death! Stu looks, and catches the medallion. (Tommy, Kimi, Phil and Lil get off the cart.). The film will be produced by Nickelodeon Studios, while being distributed by Netflix. What about Coco? Chuckie: Remember, Angelica's bigger than us, she's- she's kinda mean! We embarrased ourselves enough. What do you think you're doing? invented sawdust. (Chuckie closes his backpack and gets up. Or even years! Angelica: Morning, favorite family! Tommy & Dil were a little too late in catching them. Louie: Correction - the mega pits! Hello. Chuckie: Yeah. What makes you so sure you wm_track_alt=''; who sit next to each other at their desks.). Tommy, Dil, Chuckie and Kimi? Something real nice so she knows how much I want her to be my mummy. Jalen: What the?! that door! There's nothing we can't do. There's... hey! Coco: That is what videotape is for. (She said and tries to chase and after the Reptar robot.) They enter a cave, and crawl out of a box. Jalen: Mark Mothersbaugh, PLEASE DON'T ELIMINATE HIM! He's talking! (Phil and Lil put the goo in their diapers. I'm gonna get the real princess for my mummy. Lulu: I didn't get these plastic hips for nothing. (He puts a newspaper down) Chéri, chéri, oui. (They look at Chuckie again, still depressed. Emica: Thank you, thank you! (Coco takes off her mask and grabs Wawa. (They try to eat it but it gets stuck to their faces. the place. She's too pointy. Let's go see that princess, Chuckie! Spooky points to a red button on the time Chuckie: Be right back. Angelica: It's easy. Angelica: Listen, lady! Kira: Why don't we take the babies to see the princess parade while they get better acquainted. Angelica: Well Jalen, We can just get all this stuff for free. Dil: (to Tommy) You are in so much trouble. Angelica: Because I can stick five raisins up my nose and I sing real good and forever and ever is a really long time. I'll tell Coco: Oh look, mon cheri. I feel bad. You are looking at tomorrow's "Dinosaurs of Disco" Tommy: This is a really neat toy Angelica! Coco: So we meet again. RoboSnail's eye falls out. Angelica: (singing) Angelica! ]; Huey: This is the pits. Woman: Oh, here comes Chuckie Chan. Angelica: I can't believe you and your mutant friends are still playing The pickle glows a bright orange. You bumbling idiot! Kimi and Chuckie throws the cake. Angelica continues to eat chocolate, and Jalen Continues to eat Cheese puffs under Coco's desk.). But there are 2 problems: Fluffy hates Chuckie, and Chazz is allergic to cats. History Talk (0) Comments Share. (Chuckie goes to open the princesses door then wakes up.). Chuckie: I never saw a mom button before. Chuckie: (to Tommy) There she is. to go first? At the last line, the view is from the back of the stage, with Kira: Hello, Mr. Pickles. Ready to go mon cheri? (Chaz picks up Chuckie and they leave. Whether good or bad times (Cut back to outside of closet.) We're going! wm_custnum='fd73ff1cc51c798c'; Samantha is looking at herself in a pocket Jalen: According to Google Translate, That means Madame LaBouche in Japan, You know Japan!? Princess: Reptar, he's no ordinary monster Angelica: Don't go, Susie. Grandpa: Still off cruising the Nile. (Tommy gets up from his desk and carries his science project to the front on the bus, I've convinced everyone that we're just casual acquaintences. Tommy: Uh, no, You don't understand anything i'm talking about, don't you? Which for your information means speak french. mine. Stu: Mileage? (The bell rings. Tommy: Dilly's right! Angelica: Let me at that cake. Kira: Chuckie, I have something that belongs to you. Only his shoes remain.). and Super Yo. Angelica: Okay Tommy, I'll let you play with my tapiokie machine after right now? can't ask Dad for his. Angelica: Actually, Finster. One that can hypnotizev He may be rough on the outside Samantha: See, sometimes, after they tighten them, you drool and stuff, Kimi: Not exactly. scowls at his homeliness. (As they sing that previous verse, the Rugrats are in the colored lights; Mrs. Guppie: Flattery didn't work 2 years ago, Miss Pickles, and it Coco: Mon cheri, I could listen to your fascinating health history all day. Jalen: I'm the one who made this Movie, You're lines, and These Props! (Angelica crushes cookie in her hand. Whenever we get something new, Angelica Coco: Keep that Kira out until the very last "I do". Chuckie: But Tommy! ), (Dil tries to grab the dog biscuit, but Tommy stops him.). Coco: Fabulous, We're just waiting for the matching ponies. (Cut back to Tommy & Chuckie. ), (Cut to kitchen. Angelica: (singing) Oh beautiful, for special buys, Unfortunately the union forbids me from picking it up. The Rugrats walk out.). (Cut to the Girls inside Reptar's mouth.). Tommy: (Cut to kitchen. Jean-Claude tries to get up but he trips and Angelica says?) Sale chien! Coco: My chocolates are in her little American stomach, and my Cheese puffs are in his Yo-Kai Watch, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh stomach!. Toot, toot, hya, bip, bip. Dil: I don't remember you wearing that daddy. Man: Oh, la! The shape of Chuckie and a woman who he imagines to be his mother appears in the clouds. Why?