Tackling any paint project with Rejuv-A-Roller can bring great relief. Look no further than Spinout, the paint roller cleaner that makes cleaning your paint rollers easy. The amount saved in this example - Enough paint to cover one side of an average door! Remove the slave cylinder from the handle. Additionally, because of Rolla-wipa’s unique patented design of the working edge, paint is squeezed out of the pile of the roller sleeve, as opposed to being scraped out. This means some of the water flow will pass through the roller. Specifications. Because Rolla-wipa puts all that paint back in your tin, you use less water or thinners to finish the cleaning job. The fluff on the roller is greatly compressed when the roller is pushed into the Roller Cleaner. Regardless of whether you have invested in quality roller sleeves, or you’re using a less expensive option, not having to replace them regularly offers long-term savings. You first use the scraper on the Roller Cleaner to remove as much paint as possible from the roller. Where can I buy? Rolla-wipa’s design incorporates a working edge that is gentle on all roller sleeves, regardless of pile length or material, allowing longevity of the roller sleeve and a clean paint finish. In contrast, the Rolla-wipa is specifically shaped to fit just under half of a roller sleeve’s circumference. He imagined a simple tool that quickly removed and saved as much paint as possible from roller sleeves, as well as having the ability to solve other common painter problems. - Saves paint, time, money and the environment! Likwid Concepts PBC001 Paint Brush Cover. Not ideal. Rolla-wipa can be used to open paint cans, as a stirring stick and it removes paint from rollers effectively. Uses centrifugal force (via your electric drill) to clean paint brushes and paint rollers.Cleans paint brushes (10 -125mm) and paint rollers (50 -450mm long both 38mm(1½”) and 45mm(1¾”) diameter). Rejuv-A-Roller is proud to be an environmentally friendly product, by cutting down a long strenuous cleaning process by hand that can take up to a half hour to just 30 seconds! Rolla-wipa™ - The Only Painter's Tool You'll Ever Need! The Spinout system allows you to clean, dry and re-use your paint roller in less than 30 seconds making Spinout the solution for easy paint roller cleaning that you’ve been searching for. Every time you use Rolla-wipa, the amount of time, water and paint saved equates to a real cash saving. However, cleaning roller covers by hand can be quite a chore as it's difficult to get the paint out of the roller cover, and for that … The Roller Cleaner is available in two diameters. To clean stuck-on paint from a paint roller or a paint brush, try to scrape off as much paint as you can beforehand with a putty knife or multi-tool. After using a Rolla-wipa there is a smaller amount of paint left in the roller sleeve to clean out, requiring a lot less water in the cleaning process. 3.8 out of 5 stars 211. paint roller cleaner; pipe worker 125; pointspeed regulation 30; pointspeed regulation 5; rail rob 250; sand blasting equipment; scater 5; surface worker 250; trail fan 8; trail jet 100; trail jet 125; trail jet 15; trail jet 30; twister 5; wheel fan 2; wheel jet 11 p; wheel jet 2 + … Available in four different models to clean everything from mini roller covers up to 18" long professional roller covers. A putty knife or scraper will scrape the sleeve, pulling out fibres. Specifically, if you expect to keep the paint rollers for additional jobs (which you definitely should..) 1976 BN IJmuiden Saves Paint. This keeps the sleeve in pristine condition. Often this leads to a reasonable amount of paint getting onto your hands. Pour 646 thinner, white spirit or turpentine into a narrow, high capacity container (depending on the paint composition). FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. The Rolla-wipa easily removes 77% of paint* from any roller sleeve, saving you money and reducing leftover residue on your hands, clothes and in your work area. How do you store it so that it is good to use next time... News and special offers directly to your inbox. Soak the paint roller in the paint remover best for the paint type you used (we covered this earlier). If necessary, turn the roll a quarter turn and repeat the procedure. Ergonomic design fits comfortably into the hand for ease of use, keeping your hands completely clean and free of paint. The Roller Cleaner is available in 38 and 44 mm diameters (short-pile and long-pile) and is suitable for rollers up to 25 cm long. The rolla-wipa is your top painters tool to clean your roller sleeve efficiently and effectively. My wall paint roller looks much thicker than the Roller Cleaner, will it fit? Use the curved edge of a 5-in-1 tool or a putty knife to scrape excess paint out of the roller and back into the can. Start your cleanup by recapturing the excess paint. Because Rolla-wipa removes 77%* of the paint from a roller sleeve, time is also saved in the rinsing process. A simple and effective solution is to close the hole with a small amount of putty on the side of the roller that is inserted in the roller cleaner. Thankfully, there are steps you can follow to remove the dried paint, clean the roller, and restore it for reuse. Gently move the roller cover from side to side. You then insert the roller into the sleeve, fix the handle in place and attach it to a standard garden hose connector. Manufactured from polypropylene, Rolla-wipa is resistant to thinners and solvents so it's easy to clean. You first use the scraper on the Roller Cleaner to remove as much paint as possible from the roller. One use puts enough paint back in the tin to paint a door! That the paint rollers do a good job of applying paints on tall walls and vertical surfaces is certainly not in doubt. Caring for your roller sleeves and your finish. Is the Roller Cleaner also suitable for Dutch and Belgian wall paint rollers? M-1 Brush and Roller Cleaner can be used to restore and clean dried synthetic bristle brushes, artist brushes, roller covers, trays, and equipment after painting. This is a bit odd but it works great! Four Roller Ready Models. Paint brushes and roller covers are actually supposed to be reusable - especially ones used with latex (water-based) paints. roller cleaner via go paint tb1234. The best way to clean your roller after using wall paint is with the Roller Cleaner. Clean the roller. Ever wondered how to clean your Rolla-wipa though? It, therefore, makes sense to know how to clean them … Paint Brush Cleaner and Paint Roller Cleaner that cleans in under 60 seconds. Whether you’re a professional or have a DIY or renovation project in mind, imagine how much easier your clean up will be with Rolla-wipa™. Go!Paint painting tools are available in several countries. The Clean N Roll paint roller spinner is the perfect paint roller cleaner tool for your business or DIY home improvement project. This will adversely affect operation. If you want you can also use a clean old towel to dry a paint roller quickly. The best way to clean your roller after using wall paint is with the Roller Cleaner. Fed up with spending hours cleaning roller sleeves for over 30 years as a professional painter, and worried about watching so much paint literally go down the drain, Brett Stanley knew there was a better way to clean up after painting.