This wikiHow will teach you how to properly fill out a Moneygram money order. Or, if you want to know more about how money orders work, see our money order FAQ. This could be an individual or an organization. The way to fill out the Money order template form online: To start the form, utilize the Fill & Sign Online button or tick the preview image of the document. Use blue or black ink pen to fill out the form. What Does George Soros' Open Society Foundations Network Fund? Step 3: Fill out your complete address — street, city, state, and zip code — on the “Address” line. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Write your full name on the line labeled \"Purchaser, Signer for Drawer.\" The next line, \"Address,\" is for your street address, city, state and zip code. The serial number for a USPS money order will appear in the top left corner, between the USPS logo and the “Pay to” line. What Are the Steps of Presidential Impeachment? Fact Check: Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe? The steps to fill out a money order vary slightly depending on which issuer you choose, but all money orders require you to fill in the purchaser’s (your) name and the recipient’s name and/or address at a minimum. If the money order has already been cashed, you’ll receive a … Security Features and Risks Detailed, Western Union customer service (800) 999-9660, Bank of America customer service (800) 432-1000. etc, Where Can I Cash a MoneyGram? Be sure to use your own address; Western Union money orders don’t require the recipient’s address. Step 1: Fill in the recipient’s name on the “Pay to” line. You can expect to fill in the following:[5][6][7], The money order amount will always be printed on the money order; you will not need to handwrite it.[5][6][7]. How Long Are They Good For? (Walmart?     To do so, either fill out a form or take the money order back to the place you originally bought Bring identification and any information you have about the money order … Step 4: Sign your name on the “Purchaser’s Signature” line. Solved, Can You Cancel a Money Order? Our content does not substitute a professional consultation. You also must fill out a money order correctly, otherwise it will have to be canceled and refunded, and then repurchased. The History of the United States' Golden Presidential Dollars, How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Schools and Education in Lasting Ways. Answered, Where Can You Get a Money Order? The recipient will be the only person or company authorized to deposit or cash the money order. While these money orders may look somewhat different, they generally require similar information to MoneyGram, Western Union, and USPS. 6. Answers by Issuer (Western Union, etc), Can You Mobile Deposit a Money Order/Deposit It Online? A filled-out money order looks similar to a completed check. Keep the detachable receipt for your money order after you fill it out, and record who you sent it to. If an account needs to be included, it can be written next to the signature or above the address. On the second line where it says 'purchaser, signer for drawer' I don't sign or write anything. Include an apartment or suite number if applicable. This is where you write the name of the person or business the Money Order is going to. Step 2: Fill out your first and last name and complete address on the “Purchaser’s Address” line. Step 1: On the “Pay to the Order of” line, fill in the name of the company or person where you plan to send the money order. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The steps to fill out a money order vary slightly depending on which issuer you choose, but all money orders require you to fill in the purchaser’s (your) name and the recipient’s name and/or address at a minimum. The person buying the MoneyGram fills in his first and last name in the section that reads "Purchaser Sign Here." Filling out a MoneyGram money order is a straightforward process which involves filling in the payee's name, signing it, adding an address for the purchaser, detaching the receipt and retaining the receipt as proof of purchase. How To Fill Out A Walmart Money Order Money Gram Youtube Which is an authorized money transmitter to provide the international money transfer services in japan. This information has been verified to be correct with a call to a MoneyGram representative. See our instructions on how to mail money orders domestically and internationally. How to fill out a money order moneygram. So if you want to send a $30 money order, you need to pay $30 up front and then pay the fee, which is usually a couple of dollars. ©2013 - 2021 More Holdings LLC | All Rights Reserved. The money order number is 10 or 11 digits long and does not include the number in the box at the end.[1]. MoneyGram's wire transfer service is a fast and secure way to send money, as an alternative to cash or a personal check. How to Send Money Online Explained, CVS Money Order FAQ: Does It Sell/Cash Them? Answered, 24-Hour Money Orders: Where to Get a Money Order Any Time of Day, Where Can You Cash a Postal Money Order? How to Mail a Money Order Explained, Can I Make a Money Order Out to Myself? 5 Convenient Places Listed, Are Money Orders Safe? How to fill out a money order / MoneyGram from Walmart. [1] X Research source Because you pay for the money order up front when purchasing it, you cannot void the payment like you could with a credit card charge, and the amount cannot bounce like a bad check. Answered, The Cheapest Place to Get a Money Order (+ Other Low-Cost Options), How to Cash a Money Order: Step-by-Step Instructions, Can I Buy a Money Order Online? Rules & Requirements Explained, How Long Does a Money Order Take to Send, Clear, or Refund? Solved, Where Can I Cash a Money Order? I am sending one out to an eBay seller, and their money orders are a bit confusing. You can submit your refund request with or without the money order's serial number, but it's faster and costs … 5. Some money order providers, like USPS, don’t let you flat-out cancel your money order but you can still request a refund. We encourage you to also seek the one-on-one help of a certified professional. Answered, Money Orders Explained: What They Are & How to Use Them, Money Orders at Walmart: Cost/Fee, Limit, Hours, Payment Options, etc, Maximum Amount for Money Orders at 20 Places That Sell Them, What Happens If You Lose a Money Order? Different outlets use different formats, but they all need the same basic information. The advanced tools of the editor will direct you through the editable PDF template. The receipt for the MoneyGram is attached to the back by a perforated strip that is removed to release the stub. To process a refund request with USPS, you must have the receipt. An incorrectly filled out money order can pose problems for the person trying to cash it, so it's important to keep all your documentation in … If you are looking for How To Fill Out Moneygram Money Order you've come to the right place. Moneygram Money order How to Fill Out - form for Moneygram Fill Line Printable Fillable Blank Szhdgf, How to Track A Moneygram Money order Wiki Money orders Car Title Loans In La Verne Ca Documenting $100 Usps Money order to Be Sent to Francis Schaeffer Step 3: Fill in your name on the “From” line. Money orders can also be referred to as a moneygram or a Western Union money order.