but it appears to be 1/2 the volume of the unit's original 45uF cap. Keep up the great job…, Very interesting and helpful,Thanks a lot. How can that be? This is a high amp draw and usually only happens when the rotor has seized. Reverse Rotation Method to Break Locked Rotor. Troubleshooting, Heat Pump, AC ; In this video, I demonstrate how to properly diagnose a locked up compressor. The compressor is still running and even cools. If there is no start kit in the circuit, the current surge through the start winding will be considerably less and will remain at a low value while running. If the flash coe 04 is for locked rotor, then your service tech should be looking to see why you are getting locked rotor. Every time I read it. All of these play an important role is getting the compressor to start and pump. In this post we will discuss the difference between the locked current and starting current of induction motor. All information is provided "AS IS." I went to Home Depot and bought some pipe insulation and at least tried to cover that but it didn't help and is still dripping. Website operating Keep in mind though that R-22 will be phased out in the next 3 -4 years and will become very expensive if you ever need to add some to the existing system. lockout the compressor, and after the issue has been resolved, it is necessary to manually reset the module in order to clear the present alert code. First he used the wrong breaker and it was crackling and we had to call and get it replaced......then it would run and the inside would cut off, but the outside wouldn't and it was running all day while I was at work. Thoroughly wipe the compressor with a water-moistened paper towel. Next, remove the 1/4-in. Turn off power and remove the wiring from the hermetic compressor motor terminals. Use rated compressor line voltage. I seek any advice on when one should consider the unit about ready to fail, and the best approach forward, including replacing the complete inside equipment - maybe with a variable speed compressor which I think is a giant step forward in reliability, regardless of the fact my two speed compressor is still running about about 20 years. Almost all single phase compressors have permanent capacitor motors inside the can. Is th start contact staying on or is there some thing else ? By logging into your account, you agree to our. Here is the manual for the digonostic controller. A960_O Compressor Locked Rotor - Lockout Occurs after 3 attempts to restart after T960_O Compressor Locked Rotor faults. If the compressor has a locked rotor, a slight hum or clanking noise can usually be heard from the compressor. Besides capacitors and start kits, you could have a bad contactor, loose wire connections, low voltage, etc. I was told my machine is working harder. Your tech needs to perform a thorough diagnostic to see why you are getting the flash code. However most HVAC repair technicians look at the compressor motor FLA reading since that's the running-condition of the unit. This can't be good for it . There is another current measurement that should be made. The most common cause for compressors seizing is liquid refrigerant in the compressor. I will be checking it out this weekend. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Flash codes are just a “diagnostic” to lead someone in a certain direction. He never touched the Start / Run cap as I had changed that and it was new (for exactly the same that was in there). The Max LRA listed on my machine is 148. Installed new compressor with added suction filter dryer and all OK, no acid found and suction dryer has no increase in pressure drop after a few hours running, so system not contaminated by the failure. The start leg current should then drop to a lesser value. submitted to our "DoItYourself.com Community Forums". Maintenance, Troubleshooting Single phase compressors have 3 windings, COMMON, START, AND RUN. The compressor may make a humming sound, that may increase in sound level over time. Once compressor locks down it is only good for a boat anchor. Also check for pitted or dirty contact on the contactor. This is not really as complicated as changing compressor. If it does, check for loose or corroded or dirty electrical connections. I came home to find the outside unit with frost all over it.So it melted and got all over the floor outside in the storage closet. the LRA rating can be found on the data plate of the motor. So there may not be an issue with the compressor. It will run for 30 sec or so then shut down. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It is a 2005 unit, and I am trying to decide whether to replace the whole thing. Study Fig. Locked Rotor Amps - LRA compressor motor data. The compressor has to start from a full stop to full blast in less than a second. The start lead current (amps) measurement, give a good indication of the condition of the capacitor. ■ Make sure the start and run capacitors have high enough ac voltage rating for the new applied voltage. DoItYourself.com®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent line going to the unloader valve (Photo 1). An air conditioner or heat pump compressor pulls a high amp draw on startup, which is technically called locked rotor amps. How do these ranged capacitors work? 3) Allow the compressor to warm up and boil off the refrigerant if it is below 70 degrees. I have a bucket there to catch the water and have already emptied it once in 3 days. With the contactor (C) engaged, there should be some amount of current flow through the start winding (B) of the compressor. In either condition, the compressor … If all the checks mentioned in the post and in my other posts prove OK and the compressor is still drawing LOCKED ROTOR AMPS — now you can replace the compressor. Armana Outside Unit…..very confused here. Many times these compressors are returned because the technician measured locked rotor current (amps) through the compressor COMMON lead and condemns the compressor based on that measurement alone. We have a Janitrol Model CPKELB-1A, Serial Number 9805415587 compressor. I noticed when he replaced the unit he cut off a bunch of insulation from the big copper pipe and there was like 3 feet of running without it into the wall. ■ Remove wiring from the compressor motor terminals. I have a 40uf 420V/450V metal can (but polyester, not oil type) capacitor, which is rated as motor run (Epcos model B32332-I80). As the compressor comes up to speed, the START RELAY (CSR-1) CONTACTS will remove the start capacitor from the circuit. Aside from possible refrigerant issues like stuck closed TXV’s or other problems, it is important to understand how to properly check out a compressor that doesn’t seem to want to “get up and go!”. First of all, all compressors will momentarily draw locked rotor amps when starting. ( Log Out /  This is normal as long as once it is running the amp draw is at or below RLA (rated load amps). Rub a stiff bristle brush against the length of each of the cooling coils inside the compressor to remove dirt, grime and other contaminants. The failure I had was a locked rotor, drew rated LRA but did not rotate when contactor closed, pulled LRA until internal thermal cutout tripped. If there is a START KIT (D) in the circuit, the current will be momentarily high.