Keeping the electoral machinery almost unchanged (save that the lists of notables were to be permanent) Bonaparte entirely altered the upper parts of the constitutional pyramid reared by the philosopher. Near the posterior pole of the fundus, but somewhat excentrically placed towards the temporal or outer side, is the fovea centralis, a slight depression in the retina, composed almost entirely of cones, the spot of most acute vision. Heider bryonic membranes are vestigial or entirely wanting. Count Rostov was displeased to see that the company consisted almost entirely of men and women known for the freedom of their conduct. A second synod, composed entirely of bishops, determined that Origen must be deposed from the presbyterial status. If you’re feeling rusty about identifying the different parts of a sentence, you may want to do a … In one of these exceptional years, 1898, the average rose to 34s., but this was due entirely to a couple of months of inflated prices in the early half of the year, when the outbreak of war between Spain and the United States of America coincided with a huge speculative deal in the latter country. Verhoeff (1904) that the hexapodan thorax in reality contains six primitive segments is entirely without embryological support. At the same time, however, the conception of radicals could not be entirely displaced, for the researches of Liebig and Welder, and those made subsequently by Bunsen, demonstrated beyond all doubt the advantages which would accrue from their correct recognition. The dockyard was first constructed by French engineers; but after 1875 the work passed entirely into the hands of Japanese engineers. The LSO arranged a series of concerts conducted by Wood, with whom the orchestra was completely reconciled. Darkyn was entirely too satisfied with himself for Gabriel's comfort. All Australian rivers, except the Murray and the Murrumbidgee, depend entirely and directly on the rainfall. Some authorities hold that Peruvian civilization had no connexion with the north and was an entirely indigenous product, but Kechua is in structure not unlike the agglutinative languages of central and northern Asia. Not entirely satisfied, Darian started in the opposite direction. She gasped, discouraged to find herself somewhere else entirely. In the parts of the state settled by people from New England township meetings were held in the early days, but their functions were gradually transferred, , to the trustees, and by 1820 the meetings had been given up almost entirely. She felt that the allurements instinct had formerly taught her to use would now be merely ridiculous in the eyes of her husband, to whom she had from the first moment given herself up entirely--that is, with her whole soul, leaving no corner of it hidden from him. de Giers in October 1891, when the Russian statesman was apprised of the entirely defensive nature of Italian engagements under the triple alliance. They are thick (over 150 pages), use simple sentences, equipped with furigana and not to mention, the price cost the same as a 10-20 pages children book! It consists entirely of rich alluvial soil, annually inundated to a depth varying from 2 to 14 ft. The electric power required fcir the tramways and the illuminatiQn of Rome is entirely supplied by turbines situated at Tivoli, and this is the case elsewhere, and the harnessing of this waterpower is capable of very considerable extension. The library is supported almost entirely by municipal appropriations, though holding also considerable trust funds ($388,742 in 1905). The subject which wholly engrossed Natasha's attention was her family: that is, her husband whom she had to keep so that he should belong entirely to her and to the home, and the children whom she had to bear, bring into the world, nurse, and bring up. But these lines have been dwarfed since 1891 by the Siberian railway, built by the Russian government entirely across the continent of Asia from Cheliabinsk (1769 m. If, on the other hand, the company is of opinion that the suggestions of the inspecting officer are not likely to prove beneficial, or are for any reason unadvisable, it is at liberty to reject them, the responsibility of doing so resting entirely upon itself. For widows or deep mourning the peculiar cut of the local costume is preserved, but carried out entirely in black. The Vavau group consists entirely of coral limestone, which is occasionally crystalline, and contains stalactitic caves of great beauty. I say "boys" advisedly because we are talking almost entirely about male behaviour. In 180r the bailiwicks to the west of the Rhine were absorbed by France; in 1809 the Order was entirely suppressed, and its lands went to the secular principalities in which they lay. So, too, does it appear that ants are entirely immune to the attacks of Ichneumonidae, which destroy hosts of other insects and of spiders by laying their eggs upon their bodies. It is very easy to use this free online sentence rewriting tool. In December 1854, after a fatiguing address to a public meeting, followed by prolonged exposure to a south-east gale, his constitution entirely broke down. 1. He wasn't entirely certain the Black God could be trusted, if not for Bianca being in danger. The language throughout southern and middle Syria as high as Killis is Arabic, which has entirely ousted Aramaic and Hebrew from common use, and tends to prevail even over the speech of recent immigrants like the Circassians. It is entirely different in all essential features from the great alluvial plains. The architect is said to have been a Coptic Christian who deprecated the destruction of ancient buildings to obtain columns and blocks of stone, and who undertook to design a mosque which should be built entirely in brick, which when coated with stucco and appropriate decorative designs would rival its predecessors. It was almost entirely rebuilt after a destructive fire in 1834, and ranks among the handsomest provincial towns in Austria. Ecclesiastically it was included almost entirely in the diocese of Cahors until 1317, when a bishopric for lower Quercy was established at Montauban. Even now they are entirely untrustworthy in this respect. use "entirely" in a sentence This charity is an entirely non-profit, voluntary organization and is not affiliated with any government agency or business enterprise. We've talked in another video about simple and compound sentences, so, that is like one independent clause or two independent clauses. The game consisted almost entirely of strategy, and it was dark outside before she realized how long she'd been at it. First toe represented by a minute rudiment of a metacarpal bone; the fourth by a metacarpal and two small phalanges without a claw, and not reaching the middle of the metacarpal of the third; fifth entirely absent. The peat is different in character from that of northern Europe: cellular plants enter but little into its composition, and it is formed almost entirely of the roots and stems of Empetrum rubrum, a variety of the common crowberry of the Scottish hills with red berries, called by the Falklanders the " diddle-dee " berry; of Myrtus nummularia, a little creeping myrtle whose leaves are used by the shepherds as a substitute for tea; of Caltha appendiculata, a dwarf species of marsh-marigold; and of some sedges and sedge-like plants, such as Astelia pumila, Gaimardia australis and Bostkovia grandif ora. Definition of entirely adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Parker broke, as most will allow, entirely fresh ground by communicating to the Zoological Society a memoir " On the Osteology of Balaeniceps," subsequently published in that Society's Transactions (iv. Two-thirds of the population are dependent entirely on cultivation for their support, and this is mainly rice on irrigated land. a) Dogs bark. It is entirely up to you where we go, as I'll be happy with anywhere. Its population in 1907 was 16,810, almost entirely Mussulman. Then suddenly I thought of another matter entirely. been almost entirely obliterated by denudation. Ferrara, successor of Scialoja, met a like fate; but Count Cambray-Digny, finance minister in the Menabrea cabinet of 1868-1869, driven to find means to cover a deficit aggravated by the interest on the Venetian debt, succeeded, with Sellas help, in forcing a Grist Tax Bill through parliament, though in a form of which Sella could not entirely approve. Form:[Noun] is [preposition] [location]. It has an extraordinary power over the pain of acute gout; it lessens the severity and frequency of the attacks when given continuously between them, and it markedly controls such symptoms of gout as eczema, bronchitis and neuritis, whilst it is entirely inoperative against these conditions when they are not of gouty origin. difficulty and expense, or which are even totally barren and waterless, entirely dependent on supplies from distant sources. This was entirely independent of the ordinary police, but was associated with the previously existing corps of gendarmes (Korpus Zhandarmov), whose chief was placed at its head. In contrast with the polyp, the longitudinal muscle-system is entirely ectodermal, there being no endodermal muscles in craspedote medusae. adv. Rhyn ran after him, feeling alive as they raced through the enchanted forest towards a fate he wasn't entirely certain how to handle yet. Sometimes they became infected with other illnesses, and variolation seemed to start entirely new epidemics. "Memon doesn't mind you killing his men?" Social conditions in western Virginia were entirely unlike those existing in the eastern portion of the state. Phocas proved entirely incapable of governing the empire. Mill's work at the India House, which was henceforth his livelihood, did, not come before the public; hence some have scouted his political writings as the work of an abstract philosopher, entirely unacquainted with affairs. Its two other chief towns were Figeac and Moissac. A simple sentences contains only a single clause, while a compound sentence, a complex sentence, or a compound-complex sentence contains at least two clauses. The hair on the back of his neck had been standing for the past mile he'd walked, only he wasn't entirely certain why. He soon, however, became entirely engrossed with colonial affairs, and, having impressed John Stuart Mill, Colonel Torrens and other leading economists with the value of his ideas, became a leading though not a conspicuous manager of the South Australian Company, by which the colony of South Australia was ultimately founded. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Entirely" in Example Sentences Page 1. A simple sentence can be as short as one word: Run! The toothed wheels give a slightly better efficiency, but the worm gear is somewhat smoother in its action and entirely silent; the noise of gearing can, however, be considerably reduced by careful machining of the teeth, as is now always done, and also by the use of pinions made of rawhide leather or other non-resonant material. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Presbyterian discipline is now entirely confined to exclusion from membership or from office. Its "'ar' execution in Basutoland, however, proved an extremely difficult task, and was never entirely accomplished. The acromyodian type is restricted almost entirely to the Oscines. A small minority of Gurneyite Friends practice entirely unprogrammed worship. Trina slept late, yet she made it to school on time. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Entirely | Entirely Sentence He was entirely at his ease. These were entirely subterranean, and little is now to be seen on the site but a great tumulus, the Cucumella, and a few smaller ones. Body is entirely enclosed, stream line form. For the first time this week, she didn't feel entirely … Legislation had to be entirely reformed, and the bill for abolIshing the special jurisdiction for the clergy (foro ecclesiastico) and other medieval privileges aroused the bitter opposition of the Vatican as well as of the Piedmontese clericals. Prince Gorchakov devoted himself entirely to foreign affairs, and took no part in the great internal reforms of Alexander II. completely example sentences. "It always amazes me," Cynthia said with a sigh and a smile, "when we leave the pavement, it's an entirely different world. between the Hari Rud (the river of Herat) and the Oxus, in which is almost entirely artificial in its construction. The drainage of Manitoba is entirely northeastward to Hudson Bay. In itself a product of the medieval conception of the fool who figured so largely in the Shrovetide and other pageants, it differs entirely from the general allegorical satires of the preceding centuries. But the later recension of Judaean history - our sole source - entirely ignores the elevation of Jehoiachin (2 Kings xxv. The contents of a series of tombs at Mochlos throw an entirely new light on the civilization of the Early Minoan age. 1. With the Jews of Cochin, they represent a very ancient Judaic invasion of India, and are to be entirely distinguished from those Jews who have come to India in modern days for purposes of trade. It is not compulsory, nor is it entirely gratuitous, but the fees are small and the state offers a great many scholarships, by means of which a clever child can pay for its own instruction. In France the subject was almost entirely neglected until late in the 19th century. 44. It was to it that we owe the erection of the Basilica Petriana at Classe (396-425), which has entirely disappeared, of the churches of S. Giovanni Evangelista, erected by Galla Placidia in fulfilment of a vow made on her voyage from Constantinople, has been entirely rebuilt, though the columns are ancient (the Corinthian capitals are probably from a classical building), and the crypt may be original. Coincidently, the starting date of our involvement is etched in my memory for an entirely different reason. : When the Second World War broke out the orchestra's plans had to be almost completely changed. Learn more. In physical character Cambay is entirely an alluvial plain. The gift of "coronary gold" (aurum coronarium), presented to the emperor on certain occasions, was entirely remitted in the case of Italy, and partly in the case of the provinces. But under Zinzendorf the history of the Moravians took an entirely new turn. The skull and sternum were at the time unknown, and indeed the whole order, without doubt entirely extinct, rested exclusively on the celebrated fossil, then unique, Archaeopteryx. wholly or fully; completely or unreservedly: I am not entirely satisfied with the architect's design. The regent therefore represented to her brother that the disorders were entirely put down and that the time had come to show mercy. Simply visit our site and go to an online form. How to Diagram A Sentence Start with the key elements: subject and verb. Examples of simple sentences. The gonads and their ducts in the Hirudinea invariably form a closed system of cavities entirely shut off from the coelom in which they lie. In 1904 the total number of factories was 391, almost entirely cotton presses and ginning factories, which received an immense impetus from the rise in cotton prices. The monitor lizard is popularly known as the goanna, a name derived from the iguana, an entirely different animal. The new hall (1876), the organ there, entirely his gift (1885), and the cricket ground (1889), remain as external monuments of the master's activity. He seldom laughed, but when he did he abandoned himself entirely to his laughter, and after such a laugh she always felt nearer to him. This is, however, very doubtful, and an entirely different inference is possible. From that point southwards the river becomes the boundary between the Shan States and Tongking for some 200 m., the channel of the river defining the limits of occupation (though not entirely of interest) between French and British subjects. 64. The trade is done almost entirely with Great Britain, Germany and Holland, but. Economy in capital outlay and cheapness in construction is indeed the characteristic generally associated with light railways by the public, and implicitly attached to them by parliament in the act of 1896, and any simplifications of the engineering or mechanical features they may exhibit compared with the standard railways of the country are mainly, if not entirely, due to the desire to keep down their expenses. The costume of the women is different (often entirely so) in each village or district. This is considerably in excess of the circulation, 40,404,000, fixed by royal decree of 1900; but the issue of additional notes was allowed, provided they were entirely covered by a metallic reserve, whereas up to the fixed limit a 40% reserve only was necessary. Agata was almost entirely rebuilt in 1476-94. As a contrast to the Ahmedabad mosques, the Kadam Rasul mosque at Gaur in Bengal possesses some characteristics which resemble those of the mosque of Tulun in Cairo, possibly due to the fact that it is entirely built in brick, with massive piers carrying pointed arches. It is entirely in what zone? Early legislation was confined almost entirely to matters of construction. If you only want to choose one, the best one is from Ghibli’s picture book series. 3. In the second year of my marriage my husband died of drink, and I was left a widow at twenty, The fact that you are well-known to Lady Cranston is, of course, an, Hence the one recognises the human power alone; while the other causes this power, Still their curiosity would not allow them, Whether they are large or small they have water, Entirely in a sentence | Short example sentence for entirely[Class 1-5], Pumpkin in a sentence | Short example sentence for pumpkin[Class 1-5], Buttonholed in a sentence | Short example sentence for buttonholed[Class 1-5], Nipped in a sentence | Short example sentence for nipped[Class 1-5], Barbs in a sentence | Short example sentence for barbs[Class 1-5], Made Me in a sentence | Short example sentence for made me[Class 1-5], Filter Out in a sentence | Short example sentence for filter out[Class 1-5], Look Ahead in a sentence | Short example sentence for look ahead[Class 1-5], Syria in a sentence | Short example sentence for syria[Class 1-5], Hang On in a sentence | Short example sentence for hang on[Class 1-5], Fairly in a sentence | Short example sentence for fairly[Class 1-5], Essentially in a sentence | Short example sentence for essentially[Class 1-5], Similarly in a sentence | Short example sentence for similarly[Class 1-5], Being in a sentence | Short example sentence for being[Class 1-5], Totally in a sentence | Short example sentence for totally[Class 1-5], Rather in a sentence | Short example sentence for rather[Class 1-5], Completely in a sentence | Short example sentence for completely[Class 1-5], Virtually in a sentence | Short example sentence for virtually[Class 1-5], Solely in a sentence | Short example sentence for solely[Class 1-5], Otherwise in a sentence | Short example sentence for otherwise[Class 1-5]. The most common order for parts of a sentence is: subject, verb, object (if present). For the first time this week, she didn't feel entirely doomed. To separate and emphasize an extra comment in a sentence. The spindle arises partly from the cytoplasm, partly from the nucleus, or it may be derived entirely from the nucleusintranuclear spindleas occurs in many of the lower plants (Fungi, &c.). I lined up behind an old fellow whose odor almost caused me to skip the meal entirely but I stuck with it and was rewarded by a tasty bowl of chicken soup and a fresh baked roll. Simply put, the subject tells you what the sentence is about; the verb tells you what the subject is doing. He'd gone away for a few months and returned to an entirely new world. : At a small press, it is possible to survive by relying entirely on commissioned material. In explanation of these facts it is supposed that each element has a certain number of " units of affinity," which may be entirely, or only in part, engaged when it enters into combination with other elements; and in those cases in which the entire number of units of affinity are not engaged by other elements, it is supposed that those which are thus disengaged neutralize each other, as it were. The greater separated entirely from the Church. English readers, who know the story only through the medium of Malory's noble prose and Tennyson's melodious verse, carry away an impression entirely foreign to that produced by a study of the original literature. Few people south of the Balkans dreamed that Bulgaria could be anything but a Russian province, and apprehension was entertained of the results of the union until it was seen that Russia really and entirely disapproved of it. Monotropas afford an extreme case of it, having lost their chlorophyll almost entirely, and come to depend upon the Fungi for their nutrinient. : St Paul Covent Garden was completely surrounded by the parish of St Martin in the Fields. copper wires insulated with carefully dried paper of a special quality, has practically entirely superseded the use of wires insulated with gutta-percha. Because investing in new companies is entirely different than knowing when to buy and sell a stock. Linguistics - Linguistics - Chomsky’s grammar: Chomsky’s system of transformational grammar, though it was developed on the basis of his work with Harris, differed from Harris’s in a number of respects. Colon. Sonya and her mother put themselves entirely in her hands. To introduce a long quotation or a list. Christianity Today ( 2000 ) At the centre of a busy roundabout in the capital stands an office building made almost entirely of glass . The quantity of energy which, if entirely converted into heat, is capable of raising the temperature of the unit mass of water from C. to 1° C. is called the mechanical equivalent of heat. The mound may be of earth, or of stones with a covering of earth, or may be entirely composed of stones. By closing Lubeck Valdemar had German trade and the German over-seas settlements entirely at his mercy. At first the use of the telegraph was alm9st entirely confined to railways. The Jews of the Karaite sect differ entirely from the orthodox Jews both in worship and in mode of life. Maimonides had brought Jewish thought entirely under the domination of Aristotle. - As in the other Semitic languages, these stand almost entirely outside the system of triliteral roots, being mainly derived from certain demonstrative letters or particles. In the yeast cell it accumulates and disappears very rapidly according to the conditions of nutrition and is sometimes so abundant as to fill the cell almost entirely (Errera, 1882, 1895: Wager and Peniston, 1910). For which I feel entirely responsible. Dash. 179. Example sentences with the word completely. The remains of a Byzantine façade now almost entirely built into a wall in the Rio di Ca' Foscari offer us excellent illustration of this decorative work. the group, the exceptions being met with almost entirely among the higher Brown Seaweeds, in which is found parenchyma produced by the segmentation of an apical cell of the whole shoot, or by cell division in some other type of meristem. in length) from Domodossola to Brigue, the St Gotthard from Milan to Chiasso (the tunnel is entirely in Swiss territory), the Brenner from Verona to Trent, the line from Udine to Tarvis and the line from Venice to Triest by the Adriatic coast. There were no doubt in the earliest times popular songs orally transmitted and perhaps books - of annals and laws, but except in so far as remnants meat- of them are embedded in the biblical books, they have Scrip- entirely disappeared. Educational interests were almost entirely neglected during the colonial and territorial periods. They seem almost entirely to have exhausted their northward velocity by the time they have reached the northern extremity of the great Indian plain; they are not felt on the table-lands of Afghanistan, and hardly penetrate into the Indus basin or the ranges of the Himalaya, by which mountains, and those which branch off from them into the Malay peninsula, they are prevented from continuing their progress in the direction originally imparted to them. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. No artist of performer can entirely escape the lure of fame and its promise of endless admiration … From this fold the stratified beds have in large part been removed, the more recent having been almost entirely eroded from the elevated mass. 18, in the Heteronemertines the lateral stems, while entirely uniform all through the posterior portion of the body, no longer individually exist in the oesophageal region, but here dissolve themselves into a network of vascular spaces surrounding this portion of the digestive tract. The parties did not entirely agree on what was damaged or what damage was caused by the fire. Next in date comes the huge temple G, which, as an inscription proves, was dedicated to Apollo; though it was never entirely completed (many of the columns still remain unfluted), it was in use. Then you use those \"suggestion\" to get an entirely new and unique sentence or paragraph.6. is a sandy and waterless waste, entirely unfit for settlement. There are only two genders and two numbers: the neuter gender is entirely wanting, and the dual number is not recognized in Syriac grammar, though there are plain traces of it in the language. She claimed not, but he wasn't entirely certain. But he was known as a humorist, and the public, which had learned to expect jokes from him, rejected this little book almost entirely. An interesting observation by Baeyer, viz. In the same way we can never imagine the action of a man quite devoid of freedom and entirely subject to the law of inevitability. In 1771 he was appointed regius professor of divinity, but did not entirely renounce the study of chemistry. Seeing human-Deidre left him pensive, not entirely certain what to do about his own mate. The city proper is almost entirely enclosed by the remains of a great granite wall (built in 1673, when the new city was established), on the top of which on the side facing the sea is Las Bovedas promenade. Though the Turks have profoundly affected the whole of eastern Europe, the result of their conquests has been not so much to plant Asiatic culture in Europe as to arrest development entirely, the countries under their rule remaining in much the same condition as under the moribund Byzantine empire. Its southern extremity penetrates into the high plateau of Asia, and the lake lies entirely in the Alpine zone which fringes that plateau on the north-west. - Syrinx muscles entirely lateral or attached to the dorsal or ventral corners of the bronchial semi-rings. 2. The temple, which is entirely of Pentelic marble, the Acro- is amphiprostyle tetrastyle, with fluted Ionic columns, polls. The Tracheophonae among the Passeriformes, the possessors of this specialized although low type of syrinx, form a tolerably well-marked group, entirely neotropical. In the decade of1890-1900the increase in the value of manufactures (165.9%) was almost five times as great in St Joseph as in any other of the largest four cities of the state, and this was due almost entirely to the growth of the slaughtering and meat-packing business, which is for the most part located outside the municipal limits. 30. OLD] at least suggest that the destruction of the state was not entirely a disaster. Minerals remained for the most part unworked, though the profitable coal fields and oil wells in Ferghana were used when disturbances in Trans-Caspia cut Turkestan off from the Baku oil, on which it relies entirely for its industrial life. When the War of the Austrian Succession approached, his sympathies were entirely with Maria Theresa - mainly on the ground that the fall of the house of Austria would dangerously increase the power of France, even if she gained no accession of territory. The changes that take place involve a revolution in the being, and may be summarized under three headings: (I) The food-relations of the individual are profoundly changed, an entirely different set of mouth-organs appears and the kind and quantity of the food taken is often radically different. The third case gives a colony entirely composed of medusa-individuals, a possibility perhaps realized in the Siphonophora, which will be discussed in dealing with this group. In stems with open bundles the formation of cambium and secondary tissue may be confined to these, when it is sard to be entirely fascicular.