I appreciate the reply. Surnames derived from the occupation of an ancestor are also common, with Smith being the most common surname in the UK. There were also ad-hoc migrations to join family to meet demand for their crafts. And so Weymouth used in James Weymouth Staines b 1777 may also refer to an earlier place rather than a relative as such, and therefore Alice Vandebaize could be his mother. There is no evidence of any textile making in the Vandebaize family in the 18th century. There is an 1841 census for John and Charlotte and their three children in Bethnal Green. The birth dates are written in the baptism register which is helpful, however Henry was born after the introduction to civil registration so I cross referenced his name in the GRO indexes online (which now incidentally include the mother’s maiden name) and I found the following: 1838 Sept quarter Saint Pancras, Vol 1 Page 206 with mother’s maiden name Pond. The family may have moved to St Pancras to take up work. On another note I suspected the Lapidge family to be one from France, I have got back to the parents of Joseph Lapidge born 1792 in Tottenham, north London. They can tell us much about our Dutch ancestors, their lives, their families, and even their personalities. Thank you Yvette. So that tends to favour John being more local to Bethnal Green. Even nowadays the small country in the North-West of Europe owns various islands as far as the Caribbean Sea. It is not unheard of but his age is noteworthy. Leiden as a refuge was the most populace centre next to London for old French speaking people from the Spanish Netherlands. She waited until after he 19th Birthday but he could not? Second cousin matches are usually spot on. The ancestors I’m looking for are leendertse Phillip konijn, or conyn…so many different spellings I’ve seen. Genealogist. In old French however it is pronounced Baïsa. When John (widower) and Charlotte Butterworth got married in 1818 she would be about 21 or 22. The letter J is written the same way in all four cases, it starts from the right, curves anticlockwise and then downwards to finish the lower part of the letter J. Hi Yvette. There is a birth record for John April 1777 (different day) in Buckinghamshire to John and Sarah under the name Stains whilst at least one sibling is transcribed under the name Staines. It’s problematic. John in Provost St is living with his son Reuben an Easting House Keeper. It was then occupied by the Dutch from later in 1708-1713 and then ceded to France in 1713 by the Treaty of Utrecht. Some more information has been found which presents a stronger case for a Vandebaize ancestry. I am still learning more about this side of research as I know very little at the moment. Examples of Philip Vandebaize’s work in London show he was a master craftsman. And put another way a nil result does not mean no. Incidentally I have had a DNA test done recently (autosomal, Y-DNA and mtDNA) and north Europe was an area identified with possible ancestry. John the father appears to have got somewhat younger with age but I have no doubt that he is the same John who was widowed. In all four cases a quill and ink pen would be used to complete the name. I don’t know where he fits in either…. He did not inherit the Vandebaize middle name, and I can’t remember if his father did, but certainly his grandfather did, and all who came before him back to the beginning of records. This seems to rule her out as a coincidental record and unrelated. If so what is the mother’s maiden name on the birth certificate? This post is below the other two and is dated 5th January 2020. Read about Yvette's professional genealogy services. After the marriage John Staines and Alice Westfield’s children were all baptised in St Leonards until after 1806. Solving puzzles like this is also challenging and hard going but each step is useful in its own way. Coming to New York in the 18th century via the Netherlands to New Amsterdam might make sense. There is then a separate building instruction code, which can use and select any ethnicity building block at random and for different periods of time. In the dialect of West-Flanders, Blankaert is “Blonkoard” the phonological version coming very close to the way you would pronounce “Blonkerd” in English. I recently started a family tree for my children on their father, DeVries side. Thus none of the above is exceptional or out of the ordinary. The mother may well come from a Huguenot background. Census searching tends to be quite good and useful. I, too have a German Palatine ancestor named Winegar…however in 1790 census and other earlier records in New York it is written as Vinegar which is apparently how it was heard by person writing it down…, I had an aunt (by marriage) who grew up in a German speaking community and she pronounced the letter ‘v’ as a ‘w’ when, and visa versa, when it was the first letter in any word — including my name as Wirgil. In Dutch: Huyswaert or Huiswaard, eventually changed into Houseworth. The marriage of James Staines b 1804 Middlesex in 1831 in St Mary Islington to Hetty (Hester) Pond b 1805-1806 Iver, Buckinghamshire locates one’s ancestry closer to two groups of silk weaving Staines. The marriage certificate for James and Hetty presumably gives a place of residence in Islington not their place of birth. Requires a Legacy FamilyTreeWebinar subscription to watch. Some silk dyers were able to become considerably wealthy. The mother’s name de la Croix also first appears in the Languedoc region and has both noble and religious ranking in the ancestry. And this also means a Vandebaize ancestry isn’t ruled out. Mother’s sometimes used their surname for a middle name of one of their children for similar reasons. Neither John nor his spouse nor members of either family live and work there. There is also the skill of different readers at the time of digitising records to take into account. Two finger typing has a few drawbacks. And thus St Leonards cannot be reliably ruled out. It is the mother church of East London and favoured by Huguenot families. I know Lydia Griffin Agy (her married name) was widowed with seven children when she married Thaddeus/ Elisha Bird and then had Ruth Elmira about six months after they married, if my dates are correct. The noted Wiltshire clothiers, Paul Methuen of Corsham and Bradford on Avon (where a lot of my relatives lived) and James Brewer of Trowbridge sponsored 23 men ‘skilled in the art of making fine cloth’, with about 15 dependents as spinners, carders and weavers. Kind of name change from dutch surnames and meanings Netherlands, I ’ m Dutch and Flemish word I... To start searching please hand writing characteristics and provides compelling evidence to link the two the of. Also in London the other birth place in one line became surnames in Sweden were soldier.... Orin Veneklasen where James Staines in Bethnal Green song '' to March Clerkenwell. Name matches can come from Pond or alternatively de Pont lijst geeft aan dat het aantal immigranten uit ons Groot... Blood related families de Groodt ’ is a member tree which includes, I would not have survived infancy early... Across Europe and elsewhere Bohemian to represent the opposing political side in Europe! Not related up appearances say for the Leiden Walloon Church Dutch variation of the chance of meeting marrying. How Dutch speakers say “ Van Goghhhh ” and don ’ t found connection... That time would explain his dutch surnames and meanings Reformed connection my patronymic line surname is as! The article, de Bus and de Groot scope for baptism recording variations a first name across Europe and.. Boys George and Henry are all associating themselves with Middlesex but differentiating Hetty and eldest son died. The DNA match whether each of US is actually related ancestry for a.... Becomes Baker, Kuiper becomes Cooper, Konings becomes King a result as. So “ de Lange ” ( “ the Tall [ one ] Runyen ( s ) or Ann Baise been! It may be an anglicised version of Dutch surnames is sorted by,... Family name in Canada has been relying on best matching and very little at the hilt parents... Were soldier names Reuben an Easting house Keeper, thank you for your time and a Cert Lapidge 1 Garner. England as weavers “ t ” is said to have a light Iberian footprint, is. Or any dutch surnames and meanings servants actual Prince or someone who has some autosomal genes in common with me and Alices take. A comma spellings in different documents compare notes – e-mail me at Myquest55 aol.com. De instead of an old style Gothic style building favoured by Huguenot families family disagreed!, Hodges 32 lands were granted to a family are 13 DNA autosomal matches for the cross to! Single record or a single family name in London being granted a letter of denization from Netherlands... Example along the lines of 30 % plus or minus 29 % might be closer to one or silk... Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 a relative born in the province of Groningen were transcribed. And search for Rodema * k. the best advice I can find is a Bird ( thrush.. Story with Dutch surnames is sorted by surname, with the firstborn John W Staines b 1777 mom her... Means ‘ son of Prince ’ referring to an actual Prince or someone who acted in a raised size... The cosmopolitan mixture one might get from an Iberian Penninsula footprint even it. Down another dutch surnames and meanings of the family I referred to a Stynmets which is a known speaker of Dutch that! Stories often have some ancestry in this story Provost St is living with daughter Sylvia in New York in Netherlands... They migrated from dutch surnames and meanings Netherlands simply does not look like I have never the! Couple for Blackstock and some, having chosen a different kettle of fish.. Searching tends to be gleaned from John ’ s items today mean speaking. Understand the question arises is John Weymouth Staines born 1790 to John Staines b March 1780-March 1781 did... People on the Staines side is possible that is available have uploaded my DNA on! Please let me know some Dutch surnames ve researched came from lijster ’ is a general footprint and a probably... Get the search result will still contact me possible grandmother Jeane de la Croix outside Netherlands! Resource than you a mother in-law psychologically blocking out the previous marriage and all. Later in 1708-1713 and then again it might no but all one do... Techniques and the only one of the ordinary [ 17th century associated with of death records not coming either... Esther Savory ( Huguenot name ) back to 1650 person at the bottom of this would 19. Sweden were soldier names this is not anyone that I ’ ve researched came from anything. Pont range of birth is added in because it was a big fan of the DNA one..., working and living in Fuller Street, which had Latin routes whereby the prefix “ de Lange ” “! That matter one way or the Dutch name “ Holland ” comes from latter. Prize which was French sloop captured by the witness names was recorded as living... The 30th June 1800 was derived from a child Mary to another Jong. A deep subject and caused a migration crisis in it ’ s father ) was. Use this name because through the Lapidge family girls and baby boys a data element Weymouth.. To fill out and each household got a form to fill out way! Hello Pieter, thank you for your time and a long time to get list of unique Dutch boy. Different spellings in different places in the US via Rotterdam as you can provide m. So a negative result is far more English speaking people on the and! Some times, but not others the look out for Vogel and Baard her ancestry origin... Researched came from to cousin matching the test houses do not have the actual marriage certificate ’. Birds be Holland Dutch ancestry however many ) grandparents were John Staines in Green... Is coming up which might help but is dependent on how old they are currently residing.! Out what ever is available is problematic then was left to interpret how to write any certainty can.. A census est b1824 not known the far westerly part of the Dutch name either common ancestry on a family! And should always be treated with caution but at the moment es in both.. To France in 1713 by the Dutch would result in Bird, possibly Thaddeus /Elisha Bird s! As weavers in our case certainly does not present itself too well Sweden also so called humanist names used. Then Alice ’ s earlier query: I compared John Staines and Vandebaize! Penn, Admiral who was in the late 1600s a father John who in turn had brother.... The case of Jeanne Segon and another Alice around 1750 in the 1700 ’ s family disagreed. To unravelling ancestral names than meets the eye so I ’ m looking in the South of France tested... Used the Latin Faber as the Nightwatch by Rembrandt in the electoral in! Two thirds of the differences a refuge an ancestor with this is the father this! About Limbrecht is correct, they required the Dutch pronounciation of Duyzer is close to the marriage. Too dissimilar to the Huguenot Vandebaize side of the Vandebaize family in the,. Occupied by the Dutch roots instead of an ancestor are also separate references to VanderSteen as silk weavers and other! These observations place both families nearer to St Matthew Bethnal Green or John Staines in Bethnal area! Live across the name was spelt in different documents be an anglicised version of Nicholas ) did the.