Never thought to use bread crumbs this way in a carrot cake…or really any cake, but I can see that it is wonderful! FOR THE CHRISTMAS CAKE: Use the same ingredients as the recipe for Christmas pudding. Taste, and if a sharper taste of liquor is required, add some brandy, wine, liqueur or rum to taste. Pour butter and egg mixture in a larger bowl. Want to try this cake out but I was wondering could I replace the yogurt with creme freche. Archives| Serve with your favorite sauce. A patriotic Jamaican who adore its culture, Wellesley has been using this medium to share what he calls ', His Pour batter into a well greased and heavily lined baking tin or cake basin. ***** You can make this in different flavors like chocolate, molasses, banana, carrot, rum, etc. These healthy meal prep recipes will make sticking to your diet easier than ever. This same recipe is used for the traditional Jamaican wedding cake, which is covered with a layer of marzipan (almond paste) and decorated with royal icing. Nobody will know you used cake crumbs to flavor these cookies! Shrimp Cakes with Spicy Aioli Sauce. Bake in 2 greased layer cake pans in hot oven (400°F) 15- 20 minutes. Maisie, from Grace Kitchen, shows off her version of our Christmas cake via YouTube. In fact, not only that, it is quite simple as well. My grandmother recieved it from her older sister Mary Kennedy Mudrak. Read more about him here. Grease a cake pan. We have another version as well, titled, Jamaican Fruit Cake. Mix in 1½ cups of the flour, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, candied fruit … From fun fillings and decorative designs to luscious layered cakes and delicate trifles, these gorgeous cakes are loaded with delicious flavor and spirited holiday fun. Heat the remaining oil in a pan and add the leeks, carrots, celery and fennel along with a splash of … Heat the butter and milk in a small saucepan over low heat until butter is melted. Read more about him. By Wellesley Gayle, Copyright © 2007-2020, Traditional Jamaican Christmas Cake | Jamaican Christmas Pudding. For those who like to serve a traditional pudding, this traditional Christmas pudding recipe is the one I have been using for years. If you want drier, crispier breadcrumbs, spread the crumbs onto a baking sheet and bake for about 15 minutes at 300 degrees F until golden brown. METHOD. Please Click Here To Share It With Your Friends, Home| Partners| These Christmas cakes are great to make with the kids, and they're sure to delight everyone who takes a bite. You are also invited to join his exclusive JAMHearts community where like-minded Jamaican enthusiasts discuss all things Jamaican. There is a real advantage to making bread crumbs instead of using pre-packaged ones, with their unpleasant preserved taste. 1/2 pound light brown sugar. This cake can be made using leftover bread slices. Serves 8. Click Here to watch my latest videos on my fun YouTube channel - you'll love it! Pour mixture into a large bowl and add the yeast, sugar and egg. Add beaten eggs. Thnx ;-). as well as recognition from numerous prestigious international agencies to watch my latest videos on my fun YouTube channel - you'll love it! A Jamaican Christmas celebration is not complete without traditional Jamaican Christmas Fruit cake. Stuffed peppers are always a winner but other dishes can be stuffed too. Making homemade bread crumbs is one option for reducing the cost of groceries while also using up the items you have already … Make one mixture and divide in two tins. The cookies will take on a subtle flavor of the cake crumbs you are using – and are fantastic with a few mix-ins that you can choose depending on the flavor.