Getting blasted by a nuclear bomb might be a bit much for some guys -- but not for a certain DC superhero. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 4 Feats 5 Flaws Captain Marvel vs. Captain Atom Blight Doctor Manhattan Godzilla Pops Sentry Shego Silver Surfer Nathaniel Christopher Adam was originally an United States Air Force officer and war veteran. Captain Atom was also pivotal in Mark Waid and Alex Ross's Kingdom Come, as his detonation at the hands of the Parasite contributed to Magog's reckoning. Captain Atom vs Dr Manhattan. Dr. Manhattan atomizes captain atom with a wave of his hand. Thor vs Captain Atom. Newest Battles with Captain Atom. Captain Atom is a nuclear-powered super-hero. But there's one version in particular who, on top of being a Superman, is also a pastiche of Captain Atom and one of the characters he directly inspired, Doctor Manhattan from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' seminal Watchmen. Follow 12304. Publication history. But even more famously, perhaps, Captain Atom was the Charlton hero who served as Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' template for Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen. Dr Manhattan has Captain Atom in trouble and is unleashing some brutal punches on the ground, and this is over. See my other DC boards including Justice League. DR Manhattan can you review yourself and maybe to commentary? Art by Gary Frank. GrandSymbiote94. Discretion is advised. It's possible Dr M might come across these characters (if he hasn't already).What do you think will happen? Captain Atom was initially created for Charlton Comics, but was later acquired by DC Comics and revised for DC's post-Crisis continuity. Allen Adam is the atomic superhero Captain Atom. Captain Atom vs Dr Manhattan # Dr Manhattan Quantem. Captain atom wins until Dr.Manhattan show more. Captain Atom vs Dr Manhattan # Dr Manhattan Yah but he still gets godstomped by Manhattan, Manhattan is nearly god. If they ever went up against each other, it would be a very close fight, with some incredible abilities on show.. RELATED: Doctor Manhattan Vs.. Lucifer Morningstar: Who Wins In A Lucifer has always been one of the most powerful entities in DC comics. Captain Atom vs Sentry. Atom is actually more akin to dr supermanhattan, surpassing manhattan in almost every way (in terms of feats anyway) Team Goku (Ultra Instinct) vs Team Batman. Cap atom is nowhere close even with his quatum field. Owen is. Nathaniel is able to coat himself with the metal, either partially or totally. Doctor Manhattan, often shortened to Dr. Manhattan or simply Manhattan, is a fictional character who appears in comics published by DC Comics.He debuted in the graphic novel limited series Watchmen, published in 1986 and 1987.Doctor Manhattan was created by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons.. Franklin is just giving Reed ideas. Regardless, he is not creating the multiverse. YOUR thoughts and opinions on this ? There are many versions of Superman across the DC multiverse, each bringing their own flavor to the legendary Man of Steel. (Image Credit: DC Comics) Ironically, only Captain Atom (the character on whom Doctor Manhattan is based) proves mighty enough to actually defeat this all-powerful enemy. Note: This profile contains NSFW images for certain links. Superman vs Captain Atom. [DC] Dr Manhattan / Captain Atom So my buddy and I witnessed a robbery being stopped by a blue flying guy who made the perp's gun vanish into thin air. He has also been a member of the Justice League and the Living Assault Weapons. Hulk vs Captain Atom. Team Black Hand vs Team Godspeed. Elbows to the thighs as well. Pieces of the alien's metal body were used in the Captain Atom Project, Project Major Force and similar projects thereafter. He also appears in the sequel crossover Watchmen event,Doomsday Clock. Team Doctor Strange (Classic) vs Team Doctor Fate. you may want to check my answer on that topic over here: answer to How powerful is Lucifer Morningstar? If Dr. Manhattan show more feats then it probably be a stalemate. Round 1: Cross counter by Dr Manhattan, another leg kick. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Background 3.2 Powers and Abilities 3.3 Feats 3.4 Flaws 3.5 Videos Dr. … Will he kill them, remove their powers or do something else? Dec 27, 2020 - Nathaniel Adams, Blue Beetle, The Question, plus their Watchmen versions Dr Manhattan, Comedian, Rorschach and more. Team Ghost Rider vs Team Trigon. In other words, he has started over with a new identity, a second chance to save the world. 8 years ago. My comparison: Captain Atom vs Dr Manhattan. Jakcj 1 y 10 mo 22 d . Captain Atom charges in, avoids a palm-to-palm guillotine, and slams Dr Manhattan to the mat. Doctor Manhattan is heavily implied to have created the DC multiverse, putting him around the likes of the abstracts. Forum Posts. In my mind Perpetua. Dr. Manhattan controls particles on a sub-atomic level, meaning he can create matter out of nothing or evaporate pretty much anyone who stands in his way. See more ideas about blue beetle, dc comics, comics. You know how Manhattan was able to create the New 52 after Barry’s time alterations. Dr Manhattan: Yes. The Superman Theory and Other Hypotheses. Captain atom was Uni/Multiversal in New-52 wasn't he? real name Dr. Jonathan "Jon" Osterman, is a character from DC Comics, originally from the universe where Watchmen took place. Dilustel Armor: Captain Atom's metallic shell, or "skin", is composed of a portion of the alien being known as Silver Shield, and is called Dilustel. Now, we're taking a closer look at Captain … Doctor Manhattan is basically a super-dimensional being that exists outside of time who can bend the laws of physics to his will. Not quatem. Superman Vs Dr. Manhattan: How The Man Of Steel Stacks Up Against Watchmen's Strongest Hero ... with Dr. Manhattan serving as a sort of hybrid of Superman and lesser-known DC hero Captain Atom… Well lets review these two Characters. Here is a great fight between the "Man of Steel" SUPERMAN versus the "Radioactive Rebel" CAPTAIN ATOM in one of the episodes of Justice League Unlimited. Team Captain Atom (I don't know if I did the order right; I was kind of in a rush, but like, God Emperor Doom can solo) Captain Atom v. Doctor Manhattan* Thanos* v. Sinestro Mister Sinister v. HoM Scarlet Witch* Space Punisher Hulk* v. World Breaker Hulk Beginning his career in the military as a member of the U.S. Air Force, he was framed for a crime he did not commit; to avoid a death sentence, he was forced to undergo scientific experimentation. Doctor Manhattan.vs.Team John Constantine, Classic Dr Fate (Nabu) The Flash (Wally West) Captain Atom, Martian Manhunter & White Lantern (Kyle)Dea EmptyHand 1 y 10 mo 22 d . 1 History 1.1 Origin 1.2 Adventuring Career 1.3 Crisis on Infinite Earths 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2 Abilities 2.3 Weaknesses 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 Related 5.1 Footnotes A trained, dedicated soldier Allen Adam, physics prodigy at age eight, was working on an experimental rocket and he was accidentally launched into space. The Anti-Monitor? Doctor Manhattan. 6 years ago. Manhattan in Injustice 2". Captain Atom was created by writer Joe Gill and artist/co-writer Steve Ditko, and first appeared in Space Adventures #33 (March 1960). Two of the most overpowered superheroes in the history of the DC Universe, Doctor Manhattan, and Captain Atom might have comparable strength, but their individual sets of superpowers are vastly different. Well Perpetua creates MULTIVERSES for fun and part of her job. His powers stem from an ability to tap into the quantum field. For Injustice 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Captain Atom/Dr. Captain Atom, real name Nathaniel Christopher Adam, is a character from DC Comics.