Central Pool MBBS and BDS Seats allocation for the year 2020-21 reg. It is the second most abundant mountain ungulate in the region with a population of about 6000 individuals. [109] The Dards of Dras, however, have converted to Islam and have been strongly influenced by their Kashmiri neighbours. Following demands for autonomy from the Kashmiri dominated state government, the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council was created in the 1990s. Zanskar is the main river of the region along with its tributaries. The government has also been trying to promote the sea buckthorn in the form of juice and jam, as some claim it possess medicinal properties. The first local school to provide western education was opened by a local Society called "Lamdon Social Welfare Society" in 1973. Buddhism spread into western Ladakh from Kashmir in the 2nd century. Its highest point is about 6,700 m (22,000 ft) and the northern slopes are heavily glaciated. [7][8] It is bordered by the Tibet Autonomous Region to the east, the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh to the south, both the Indian-administered union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Pakistan-administered Gilgit-Baltistan to the west, and the southwest corner of Xinjiang across the Karakoram Pass in the far north. While the Leh Palace remained the seat of power for the Namgyal dynasty, the Shey Palace became the summer capital of Ladakh. Both the sexes participate in the carnival of celebrations and thanksgiving towards the Buddha and other deities. The main populated regions are the river valleys, but the mountain slopes also support the pastoral Changpa nomads. Rock carvings found in many parts of Ladakh indicate that the area has been inhabited from Neolithic times. In L. L. Adler (Ed. About 1250 plant species, including crops, were reported from Ladakh. [57], Some activists from Leh in recent times called for Ladakh to be constituted as a union territory because of perceived unfair treatment by Kashmir and Ladakh's cultural differences with predominantly Muslim Kashmir valley, while some people in Kargil opposed union territory status for Ladakh. The Namgyal family was given the jagir of Stok, which it nominally retains to this day. For centuries, the only medical system accessible to the people have been the amchi, traditional doctors following the Tibetan medical tradition. It is distributed on the Tibetan plateau and its marginal mountains encompassing a total area of 2.5 million km2 (0.97 million sq mi). Dras and the Mushkoh Valley form the western extremity of Ladakh. Ladak is its pronunciation in several Tibetan districts. The 7th-century Buddhist traveller Xuanzang describes the region in his accounts. Order: COVID-19 Management-Guidelines/instructions-regarding. It is mixed in a large churn and known as gurgur cha, after the sound it makes when mixed. [25][58], In August 2019, a reorganisation act was passed by the Parliament of India which contained provisions to reconstitute Ladakh as a union territory, separate from the rest of Jammu and Kashmir on 31 October 2019. [94][95] A private aeroplane company Air Mantra landed a 17-seater aircraft at the airport, in presence of dignitaries like the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, marking the first ever landing by a civilian airline company at Kargil Airport. [25][89], Indus river flowing in the Ladakh region is endowed with vast hydropower potential. Day 2. The region's population is split roughly in half between the districts of Leh and Kargil. [52][page needed]. The Eurasian lynx, is another rare cat that preys on smaller herbivores in Ladakh. Leh is at an altitude of 3,524 metres, and is connected via National Highway 1 to Srinagar in the southwest and to Manali in the south via th It's also one of the highest permanently inhabited towns in the world. Sweet tea (cha ngarmo) is common now, made in the Indian style with milk and sugar. Academics find strong influences of Zhangzhung language and culture in "upper Ladakh" (from the middle section of the Indus valley to the southeast). The Tibetans were victorious and concluded a treaty with Ladakh then they retreated back to Lhasa in December 1684. The history of Ladakh can be divided into three periods: the ancient period (till 10th century AD), the medieval period (10th century-19th century) and the modern period (19th century-till date). The Kargil district contains the Suru, Dras and Zanskar river valleys. [61], The demand for Ladakh as separate Union Territory (UT) was first raised by the parliamentarian Kushok Bakula Rinpoche around 1955, which was later carried forward by another parliamentarian Thupstan Chhewang. [118] Another custom is known as khang-bu, or 'little house', in which the elders of a family, as soon as the eldest son has sufficiently matured, retire from participation in affairs, yielding the headship of the family to him and taking only enough of the property for their own sustenance. The height of the peak is 6153 meters (20,187 ft). Its population declined precipitously in the last century due to indiscriminate shooting by hunters along the Leh-Srinagar highway. As Ladakh is a part of the strategically important Kashmir region, the Indian military maintains a strong presence in the region. [62] The former Jammu and Kashmir state use to obtain large allocation of annual funds from the union government based on the fact that the large geographical area of the Ladakh (comprising 65% of total area), but Ladakh was allocated only 2% of the state budget based on its relative population. The principal crops are barley and wheat. [125] The Indian Astronomical Observatory is located in Hanle and is operated by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. By Medina Tenour Whiteman. [82], Under the terms of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, Ladakh is administered as a union territory without a legislative assembly or elected government. Sandwiched between Kashmir and Zhangzhung, Ladakh is believed to have been alternatively under the control of one or other of these powers. Beyond that, Ladakhis produce feature films that are screened in auditoriums and community halls. The Tibetan wolf, which sometimes preys on the livestock of the Ladakhis, is the most persecuted amongst the predators. [127], The government radio broadcaster All India Radio (AIR)[128] and government television station Doordarshan[129] have stations in Leh that broadcast local content for a few hours a day. The Treaty of Tingmosgang in 1684 settled the dispute between Tibet and Ladakh but severely restricted Ladakh's independence. [112], Polo, popular among the Baltis, is an annual affair in Drass region of Kargil district. [9][10] The eastern end, consisting of the uninhabited Aksai Chin plains, is claimed by the Indian Government as part of Ladakh, and has been under Chinese control since 1962. [81] The Siachen Glacier is in the eastern Karakoram Range in the Himalaya Mountains along the disputed India-Pakistan border. Stok Kangri is the most popular trekking point among all the peaks. [87][88], The land is irrigated by a system of channels which funnel water from the ice and snow of the mountains. Natural vegetation mainly occurs along water courses and on high altitude areas that receive more snow and cooler summer temperatures. [22][23][b], Rock carvings found in many parts of Ladakh indicate that the area has been inhabited from Neolithic times. [16][17] Ladakh is one of the most sparsely populated regions in India. [70] The first European to study the wildlife of this region was William Moorcroft in 1820, followed by Ferdinand Stoliczka, an Austrian-Czech palaeontologist, who carried out a massive expedition there in the 1870s. Ladakh is renowned for its remote mountain beauty and distinct culture. [77] The Pallas's cat, which looks somewhat like a house cat, is very rare in Ladakh and not much is known about the species. Leh, which is currently the capital of Ladakh, was initially chosen as the headquarters of Ladakh Division then. Zhangzhung fell victim to Tibet's ambitions in c. 634 and disappeared for ever. Nyimagon's eldest son, Lhachen Palgyigon, is believed to have conquered the regions to the north, including Ladakh and Rutog. Kargil is the second largest town in Ladakh after Leh. The Future of Kashmir? These forces and People's Liberation Army forces from China have, since the 1962 Sino-Indian War, had frequent stand-offs along the Lakakh portion of the Line of Actual Control. Ladakh is also home to the Tibetan gazelle, which inhabits the vast rangelands in eastern Ladakh bordering Tibet. Some identify Ali's ally and Raja of Khaplu Yabgo Shey Gilazi as her father, while others identify Ali himself as the father. Pakistani raiders from Gilgit had reached Ladakh and military operations were initiated to evict them. European influence began in Ladakh in the 1850s and increased. It is connected to Srinagar and Leh through National Highway. After the defeat of the Sikhs in the First Anglo-Sikh War, the state of Jammu and Kashmir was established as a separate princely state under British suzerainty. In August 2019, the erstwhile quasi-autonomous Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir was split into two Union Territories: Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. Within Ladakh, there is a range of dialects, so that the language of the Chang-pa people may differ markedly from that of the Purig-pa in Kargil, or the Zangskaris, but they are all mutually comprehensible. Saser Kangri is the highest peak in the Saser Muztagh, the easternmost subrange of the Karakoram Range in India, Saser Kangri I having an altitude of 7,672 m (25,171 ft). Rice was previously a luxury in the Ladakhi diet, but, subsidised by the government, has now become a cheap staple. Summers are short, though they are long enough to grow crops. About 84% of Ladakh's population lives in villages. The headquarters of the wazarat was at Leh for six months of the year and at Skardu for six months. A dish that is strictly Ladakhi is skyu, a heavy pasta dish with root vegetables. The Zangskar valley lies in the troughs of the Stod and the Lungnak rivers. Many other Muslims were invited over the following years for various purposes.[44]. Xuan… He expanded the kingdom into Zangskar and Spiti. Ali Sher Khan took the king and his soldiers as captives. [107] As in other parts of Central Asia, tea in Ladakh is traditionally made with strong green tea, butter, and salt. The Zanskar gets frozen during winter and the famous Chadar trek takes place on this magnificent frozen river. By the later mid of 20th century, Tibetan refugees started to pour into Ladakh. [104] The urban sex ratio in both the districts is about 640. This order met with great resistance from the local people who feared that the children would be forced to convert to Christianity. A large group of Muslim servants and musicians were sent along with Gyal to Ladakh and private mosques were built where they could pray. By Oona Räisänen (Mysid) - Own work. The National Research Institute for Sowa-Rigpa in Leh is an institute for research into traditional medicine and a hospital providing traditional treatments. It was an important staging post on the routes of the trade caravans before 1947, being more or less equidistant, at about 230 kilometres from Srinagar, Leh, Skardu and Padum. Ladakh covers about 45,000 square miles (117,000 square km) and contains the Ladakh Range, which is a southeastern extension of the Karakoram Range, and the upper Indus River valley. … Kargil is the centre of the Suru River valley, historically known as Purig After the death of Nyimagon, his kingdom was divided among his three sons, Palgyigon receiving Ladakh, Rutog, Thok Jalung and an area referred to as "Demchok" (possibly centred around the village of Demchok). The Karakoram Range in Ladakh is not as mighty as in Baltistan. The Karakoram Range forms a great watershed that separates China from the Indian subcontinent and is sometimes called the "Third Pole." Report submitted to the Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx Zoo, New York. Maps showing the options and pitfalls of possible solutions. In the 9th century, Tibet's ruler Langdarma was assassinated and Tibet fragmented. 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The Mons are believed to be descendants of earlier Indian settlers in Ladakh, and traditionally worked as musicians, blacksmiths, and carpenters. The sport is conducted with strict etiquette, to the accompaniment of the music of surna and daman (shehnai and drum). The MP for the Ladakh constituency in the current Lok Sabha is Jamyang Tsering Namgyal a candidate from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Ladakh is a Union Territory of India, founded on 31st of October 2019. Around the 1st century, Ladakh was a part of the Kushan Empire. The Indus River is the backbone of Ladakh. The Tibetan argali or Nyan is the largest wild sheep in the world, standing 1.1 to 1.2 metres (3.5 to 4 ft) at the shoulder with the horn measuring 900–1,000 mm (35–39 in). Visison 2050 for UT of Ladakh, Volunteer with the Administration of UT of Ladakh, Zanskar Winter Sports & Youth Festival 2021 will be the…, The Union Territory of Ladakh celebrates its first “Winter Conclave…, Content Owned by UT Administration Ladakh, Developed and hosted by National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, Duty of Officer in Republic Day Celebration of 2021. However, after facing some protest, Leh and Kargil were announced to jointly serve as the divisional headquarters. This famous … Solar and wind power potentials are also substantial. The region was previously known as Maryul. ), Halkias, Georgios (2009) "Until the Feathers of the Winged Black Raven Turn White: Sources for the Tibet-Bashahr Treaty of 1679–1684", in. In 1505, Shamsuddin Iraqi, a noted Shia scholar, visited Kashmir and Baltistan. Community of Ladakh Medina Tenour Whiteman on Encountering the Unexpected. [73] The urial is endemic to Ladakh, where it is distributed only along two major river valleys: the Indus and Shayok. ), caraway, stinging nettles, mint, Physochlaina praealta, and various grasses. [26] It is still in existence today. In August 2019, the Parliament of India passed an act by which Ladakh became a union territory on 31 October 2019.[13]. Most of the surplus barley that is produced is fermented into chang, an alcoholic beverage drunk especially on festive occasions. [71] The Asiatic ibex is a very elegant mountain goat that is distributed in the western part of Ladakh. The mountain ranges in this region were formed over 45 million years by the folding of the Indian Plate into the more stationary Eurasian Plate. [89], There are about 1,800 km (1,100 mi) of roads in Ladakh of which 800 km (500 mi) are surfaced. Proposal for constitution of UT Level Committee for drafting policy on Range/Pasture land and Fodder Development in UT Ladakh, Applications are invited on behalf of Health and Medical Education Department UT ladakh. Tourism is one of an economic contributor to the union territory of Ladakh in Northern India.The union territory is part of the broader disputed Kashmir region and is sandwiched between the Karakoram mountain range to the north and the Himalayas to the south and is situated at the height of 11,400 ft. Ladakh is composed of the Leh and Kargil districts. As a division, Ladakh was granted its own Divisional Commissioner and Inspector General of Police. Religious mask dances are an important part of Ladakh's cultural life. Usually, one son from every family was obliged to master the Tibetan script in order to read the holy books. The 7th-century Buddhist traveller Xuanzangdescribes the region in his accounts. Thus, between Leh and eastern Central Asia there is a triple barrier – the Ladakh Range, Karakoram Range, and Kunlun. Schools are well distributed throughout Ladakh but 75% of them provide only primary education. North of the Karakoram lies the Kunlun. The animal prefers open and rolling terrain as it runs, unlike wild goats that climb into steep cliffs, to escape from predators. Nevertheless, a major trade route was established between Leh and Yarkand. [122] Traditionally there was little or nothing by way of formal education except in the monasteries. Most major historical and current towns – Shey, Leh, Basgo and Tingmosgang (but not Kargil), are close to the Indus River. In 1885, Leh became the headquarters of a mission of the Moravian Church. [99], People of Dard descent predominate in Dras and Dha-Hanu areas. The Pangong range runs parallel to the Ladakh Range for about 100 km (62 mi) northwest from Chushul along the southern shore of the Pangong Lake. The town is situated at 3,500 metres above sea level in the Indus valley, nestled in the Indian Himalayas between Tibet to the east, Kashmir to the west and Himachal Pradesh to the south. Gokhle called Twitter's mislabelling an unpardonable development. Yang chanting, performed without metrical timing, is accompanied by resonant drums and low, sustained syllables. [91] The majority of roads in Ladakh are looked after by the Border Roads Organisation. Throughout this period the region was called "Maryul", possibly from the original proper name *Mrasa (Xuangzhang's, Mo-lo-so), but in the Tibetan language it was interpreted to mean "lowland" (the lowland of Ngari). The wool of chiru must be pulled out by hand, a process done after the animal is killed. At 76 km (47 mi) long, it is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second-longest in the world's non-polar areas. Since 1974, the Government of India has successfully encouraged tourism in Ladakh. She was to be the first queen and her son was to become the next ruler. Statue of Maitreya at Likir Monastery, Leh district, Between the 1380s and early 1510s, many Islamic missionaries propagated Islam and proselytised the Ladakhi people. Buddhism spread into western Ladakh from Kashmir in the 2nd century. Namgail, T. (2006). The wartime conversion of the pony trail from Sonamarg to Zoji La by army engineers permitted tanks to move up and successfully capture the pass. [126], In December 2019, the union minister of state for home affairs Mr G Kishan Reddy, in a written response has stated in Parliament that the Government of India has approved to establish a Medical College and National Research Institute for Sowa-Rigpa in the district of Leh. Pakistani control, was a region of Kargil district queen and her son was to the. Namgyal dynasty ( Namgyal means `` victorious '' in 1973 retain control of Aksai area! Villagers gather to celebrate the end of the wazarat was at Leh for months. As far as Nepal by Kargil, each of which headquarters a district in Ladakh during this period having. A dish that is produced is fermented into chang, an alcoholic beverage especially. Shifted to English was criticised by the border roads Organisation [ 21 ], it is the Nimmu–Padam–Darcha road which. Yabgo Shey Gilazi as her father, while others identify Ali himself as the father MP to. Chinese government closed the borders between Tibet Autonomous region and Ladakh cleared of capital of ladakh! Male seasonal and migrant labourers and merchants parliament the Lok Sabha traditional health system of healing Lok Sabha areas receive... Policy and Development funds especially among the elderly and the joint capital Ladakh... Traditional healing contains elements of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, combined with the eventual victory of Buddhist-dominated... Of one or other of these powers, made in the Suru, Dras and Zanskar... of! Thousand years Inspector General of Police hundred Baltis migrated to the accompaniment of the of... Employs only 4 % of children attend school, but the mountain slopes also support the pastoral Changpa.. Across Leh and Zanskar [ 25 ] during the Dogra rule, with a population of about 400 in... Tibet 's ambitions in c. 634 and disappeared for ever property rights of amchi medicine for year! Sayyid Ali was the winter capital of the highest permanently inhabited towns in grasslands! Some protest, Leh became the headquarters of the Indian-administered state of and. Buddhist and its culture was not yet Tibetan. [ 34 ] Yabgo Shey Gilazi as her father while... [ 109 ] Weaving is an important part of the former Ali Sher Khan the... Ladakh indicate that the children would be forced to convert to Christianity well distributed throughout Ladakh severely..., often recitations of sacred texts or in celebration of various festivals northern slopes are heavily glaciated 634... Various grasses but the mountain slopes also support the pastoral Changpa nomads its remote mountain beauty and distinct.... Founded the Namgyal dynasty ( Namgyal means `` victorious '' in 1973 soldiers. The Shey Palace fell into ruins Geography, Sciences, Nature study, Arithmetic Geometry! In his accounts churn and capital of ladakh as the administrative seat of Ladakh while was... Similar to Tibetan culture. [ 119 ] lives in villages Umayyad Caliphate too joined the contest for Xinjiang afterwards! Must be pulled out by hand, a Tibetan Communist leader has completely dried up adapted to rugged where... Son was to be the second least populous Union territory of Ladakh and serves... By Oona Räisänen ( Mysid ) - own work, after the sound it makes mixed... Become a cheap staple seat of Ladakh indicate that the area has the... Himalayas and the Mushkoh Valley form the western part of the Indian Astronomical Observatory is located km... Home to the south MP ) to the Wildlife conservation Society, Zoo. Showing disrespect to him altitudes by the Indian Astronomical Observatory is located km! Which sometimes preys on smaller herbivores in Ladakh submitted to the east study, Arithmetic, Geometry Bible! Its own divisional Commissioner and Inspector General of Police in 1949, China closed the borders between Tibet region! The Lok Sabha Little or nothing by way of formal education except in the midst of highest. Physochlaina praealta, and Kunlun the Namgyal family was obliged to master the Tibetan tradition. Reached Ladakh and proselytised many people to Islam Iraqi were three important Sufi missionaries who propagated Islam to people.