The trick is to stand the doors up and tack them together with wood strips at the top of the doors. The answer is simple. I love how it can get into every crevice and coat everything smoothly. Spray paint seems to have magical qualities. If you’ve ever wondered “Can you paint brass door knobs”, the answer is YES!Let me show you how I painted our carpenter grade gold or brass colored doorknobs. The same spray tip can be used with the primer or finish paint. One word of caution, when spray painting deadbolts or door handles use very light coats of paint. As Jocie painted, I was taping off the glass on the door insert. Once the primer has had 24 hours to dry, apply a thin coat of enamel or acrylic paint in your chosen color. Spray Paint Project Steps. If your door already has knobs on it, I recommend removing them – it’s easier than painting around them. You can paint your door in place or remove it from the hinges if you have a storm or glass door to protect your home and keep bugs and debris from floating into your home. You can also tape a tarp over the opening if you prefer to remove your door to paint. Spray painting door knobs is a great way to restore the old, worn out hardware on doors.It’s an affordable and easy DIY project and I’ll show you exactly how to do it yourself. But priming the whole door is best. The cardboard works great too because you can stick the screws in it so that they are standing up to spray paint the tops! Don't worry about paint on glass. I spray painted our letterbox and security chain gold using Rustoleum spray paint, which you can find here. Choose a colour from the extensive range available and set your date. This makes the painting process seamless and easy. To do this, you'll need to connect each pair of doors at their top edge, using free stir sticks from the paint store, or any piece of scrap wood that's long enough. You can see I was very thorough. You can “spot-prime” a door, coating only patched dents or areas you sanded through to bare wood. I've used it on so many things, from my window blinds to a crystal vase. If you want to leave the knobs on, cover your knobs and your hinges with painter’s tape. Door Painting Priming Tips. Before you paint brass, scrub the item with steel wool to remove dirt and create a surface that paint can stick to. Painting trim and doors in a room can often be overlooked. A new or updated paint color can put the finishing touch on an interior painting project. Never stop your paint sprayer on the door without continual motion as that will cause the paint to pool in that one spot and form drips. In this article, we’ll show you how to spray-paint your doors and drawers to look like professional kitchen cabinet painting. Setting Up Doors for Spray Painting. You can either paint your doors in place or take them down and paint them on sawhorses. DO NOT use spray paint on interior doors. The painting technique is very similar to the same way I’ve always used a can of spray paint. So worth it! Spray painting a uPVC or composite door is a cost effective way to improve the look of your home with minimal fuss. Your choice of primer is just as important as your choice of paint. Start your spray slightly off the top of the door and while the paint is spraying move the sprayer in even up and down motions, top to bottom. Coming back with a flat razor, cutting the dried paint cleanly off the glass. As mentioned above, you’ll also want to prime the door before painting, if you are changing colors. If you have access to a garage where you can spray the doors all at once, you’ll save hours of time. Use painter's tape to completely tape off any area that you do not want painted. It usually looks splotchy. Most people don’t have a spray-painting gun or the skill to use one, which is why there are professionals out there who can do the job for you. For instance, some spray paints must either be recoated within one hour or after 24 hours, or the finish will be ruined. We can visit a property and spray paint all types of wooden doors and uPVC doors on-site. Make sure it is a well-ventilated area. There you have it, a quick and easy update for door knobs! It takes several cans of spray paint to paint louvered doors and the paint never goes on evenly. If you’re short on time, a paint sprayer can give your door a beautiful finish in half the time of traditional methods. Do you want to use a paint brush on the doors, spray paint, or a paint sprayer? A paint sprayer is one of the best ways to eliminates brush marks and evenly coat the trim and door surface resulting in a professional finish. If you are wanting to spray paint your door hinges no problem! Izzie wanted to help so we let her “paint” some of the brick. To allow for drying time, we sprayed one set of hardware and then hung a door that was already done. Pro tip: The new paint will stick better and you'll get a more uniform finish. To small and the primer or paint will exit the tip with “fingers” at each end of the spray fan and to big will deposit a large amount of paint on the doors surface.When spraying a steel door I use a 311 or 313 spray tip with exterior acrylic and 310 fine finish or 311 with alkyd finishes. We scrubbed the rust spots with steel wool, borrowed an inexpensive pressure washer to clean the doors off, let them dry, then used the Rust-o-leum spray paint you recommended to paint them. Spray painting doors can save enormous amounts of time. I had a 10% off coupon, so for two cans of high quality spray paint I paid just under $14. Allow the hardware to dry completely for at least 24 hours. There are some fantastic spray-painting tools that give you professional results with a very small learning curve. I tried to lightly sand those area, and use a matte finishing spray to cover them, but it didn’t really help. More interior door painting tips: You can do the same tape treatment with other spots on the door, such as the inset for the door lock. Removing masking while … Next, apply a self-etching primer to your brass item to help the paint stick. There are many types of spray paint and they all have different instructions, some quite specific. You could also spray the paint cabinet frames, sides and trim, but masking off the cabinet openings (and the rest of the kitchen) takes a lot of time, so just use a brush for those areas. However, most interior enamels today are water-borne latex formulations. Spray paint the door knob: Apply a coat of metallic spray paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions. At certain angles, you can see that some area are shiner than others, which happens a lot when you spray paint a smooth flat surface. Using a screwdriver, remove door from hinges and hardware from door. Let it dry, and then apply a second coat. I laid the doors flat on a covered surface. I don’t think you’ll like this answer just because you are asking the question. If you have a lot of doors to paint you can spray them outside, but be sure the overspray won’t blow onto surrounding objects, homes, cars, etc. Often you can see brush strokes once the paint is dry. The most reliable technique for painting a composite door is in fact spray painting, which should be performed with a spray-painting gun. We did three light coats with ~5 minutes between coats. There’s just a short learning curve to use the spray painter effectively. Shake a can of spray paint for high-heat surfaces to mix it, and remove the paint cap. While the door was off, we painted the trim white. Our door needed to be repainted anyway, so anything was going to be an improvement and that doesn’t bother me. When looking to update something, I always try to reuse what I already have. In my experience with spray paint, if I don’t cover it, I’ll accidentally paint it. Project Overview. After just a smidge more than one can of Rust-oleum paint, the door looked amazing! El cheapo Walmart Spray paint. Using a paint brush is time consuming and takes a lot of patience to paint all of those louvers. We used about one can per door, and they look so much better, especially considering a can of spray paint only costs $5. Then I just sprayed on a few thin coats of Rust-oleum high heat enamel spray paint. You can stick both the deadbolt & door handle through the styrofoam and prop them against a bucket. Follow the same above steps, works like a charm! It comes in a can or spray can – and also comes in copper (which we used on our DIY welded fire pit). {on left} I made amends for my ways and went to Lowe’s and bought a couple cans of Rust-oleum spray paint. Sometimes all it takes is a little spray paint to give it a whole new life! Then just spray light even coats until the hardware is covered. Even if you’re not painting your front door, here are some ideas about how you can personalise any door, like I have. You can paint a very good coat of paint on a 10 panel glass door, getting every edge and corner painted properly. Haywood Coatings offers a fast, efficient Door Spray Painting Service to home owners, landlords, and commercial organisations in order to restore exterior doors to ‘look like new’. Painting a garage door is an easy one-day project. Don’t forget, sand down your doors where possible to help the paint adhere to the surface faster. We’re one such company. I only had one door to spray, so I set up my HomeRight Large Spray Shelter and covered the ground with a few drop cloths. Set up a spray area by covering work area with a drop cloth. Interior hinges can be taken off but the doors don't always go back exactly the way they were :/ After struggling with 2 doors not closing correctly, I discovered oil rubbed bronze paint in a can! Brass fireplace doors can be painted in almost any color you wish. Use cardboard or paper to mask window area. The fastest and easiest way to spray paint interior doors is to spray them standing in pairs, vertically, so both sides can be sprayed. You can paint both sides of the hardware within seconds and save a ton of time. This can be done using an Alkyd Oil, or a Acrylic Latex form of paint. It's in the same aisle as they spray paints and I just applied it with small detail paintbrushes directly on the hinge without having to remove the door. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, I applied a few thin coats within the span of a few minutes. NOTE: If you choose a “paint and primer in one” spray paint, you can skip this step. You'll also need to clean the surface with a degreaser like liquid deglosser. We tried to do one door at a time and kept all of the pieces together for each door. A couple coats of spray paint can make a world of difference and turn something dated into something fresh, like: folding chairs. With all the angled panels of modern garage doors, spraying a garage door with a paint sprayer is quicker and easier than brushing or rolling and is the best way to get a professional, smooth, even finish. There are many reasons, here are a couple of them: 1. Now that you’ve spray painted your door knobs… see what else you can spray paint! We also bought a new handle as the old one was a bit broken and saggy (as well as being black on one side and white on the other, for some reason!)