After the patching process, it is a must for you to at least leave the area for a day to be able to dry the patch and maximize the effect. Unlike most adhesives, it will stretch with the bonded materials so this is a good choice when you need some flexibility with the bond. Again, you can do the patching or the sealing with or without water which is nice in my opinion. Our wet pool patch kit comes with a 4 oz can Get it Wednesday, Dec 2. Stop Water Leakage – Using a glue for your vinyl pool repair is the fastest and easiest way to stop the leakage of water which will bring greater damage to your pool if left unattended. To address this problem, swimming pool owners usually used the best glue for vinyl pool repair to fix water leakage and other related problems to avoid further damage. It works to create a strong, lasting bond that fuses almost instantly and locks in place with time. 4.6 out of 5 stars 385. This is a high-quality repair kit intended to be used in repairing tears and holes of the vinyl pool liner. Owning a vinyl pool is the most inexpensive option you have in having a swimming pool in your home. There are a lot of amazing products out there that can assist you in gluing vinyl to a wide variety of surfaces. Answer. There are a lot of vinyl pool glues that are readily available in the market today. It provides a two-part, heavy-duty repair kit of 135 square CM vinyl and a tube of vinyl cement. When it comes to looking for a repairing kit for your above-ground vinyl pool, this product is highly recommended. Repair Kits for Vinyl Above-Ground Pools. Within minutes you have an immovable bond that will not shift or slide without the use of clamps. The chosen vinyl pool glue should also have a long-lasting effect which means that it should hold up for a long period of time. This is also the best solution in patching pinhole for your inflatable objects such as toys, tubes, floats, among others so that they can be used again and will not go to trash. Vinyl Peel and Stick Patching Kit – If you are dealing with smaller tears or pinholes, then this is the right one to be used. You must check for possible damage to the package that might destroy or damage the adhesive. Whether its an above ground or in-ground pool, water leakage poses a threat that might bring damage to the pool if not immediately addressed. RH Adhesives HH-66 Industrial Strength Vinyl Cement Glue, 6. For me, these are just isolated cases that will not affect the effectiveness of this vinyl pool repair adhesive. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, there are companies or brands that are considered the best in the industry and are well-known in producing high-quality vinyl pool glue. This particular patch kit comes with 2 ounces of an adhesive patch, a patch material, and an applicator to be used during the repair. If you are following a strict budget when it comes to your pool cleaning and maintenance, then I am advising you to look for the most affordable one. We have listed the top companies or brands that are manufacturing the best vinyl pool glue for your swimming pool in the latter part of this article. This product is a good item to have if you want a quick solution to any patching needs. Many reviewers note this product as a “one and done” option that quickly sticks everything in place. What I like most about this product is its unique waterproofing property which means it is perfect for pool repair. I can personally say that the brush really helps in doing the patching with ease. The first thing to do upon receiving or buying the item is to thoroughly check the overall packaging of the product. All these chemicals can reduce the effectiveness of other low-quality cement glue when being used. You insert a piece of base fabric underneath the surface and apply the colored adhesive. Personally, I am recommending this product for your patching needs specifically when done underwater. It also forms a sort of mesh due to the drying process, locking the individual drops and layers of adhesive together, creating a very strong and lasting bond all at once. The adhesive dries clear and remains flexible. Let me know if it works! The best and the most ideal way to fix the leakage is to repair or patch the hole when the water is still in the swimming pool. Each of these companies offers differently in the terms of the warranty and it is important to know the coverage of the warranty before purchasing the item. To be exact, this patching kit works great underwater and can also be effective when repairing outside wet conditions. GlueFAQ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to But luckily, there is no need to do the draining because of the vinyl pool glue. Many people think that patching a hole in a vinyl pool requires a lot of effort in terms of draining the pool with water. Usually, the kit includes the adhesive, the vinyl patch and an applicator to be used during the repair. Because of this, there are a lot of companies that are producing or manufacturing glue for vinyl pool repair. The next thing to do is apply the adhesive found in the patching kit at the backside of the vinyl. I also like the flexibility of this product when it comes to its usage. Let’s see what makes these five adhesives such good options for your next project. There are different ways in installing and using vinyl pool glue in the swimming pool. This is to avoid buying fake or counterfeit products which are prevalent in online purchase. Another important feature of this product is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and difficult weather conditions. As an added feature, this adhesive is not affected by water at all. First, it will cause the liner to slide or wrinkle which means an immediate professional repair is needed to fix it. Adding a vinyl above-ground pool to your backyard is a budget-friendly alternative to building a swimming pool… When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. These simple steps can save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run and make the entire adhesion process much easier. This is another vinyl liner glue that takes pride in its extra-strong effects in sealing or patching unwanted holes of any vinyl pools, floaters, toys, tubes, and other inflatable materials. HH-66 PVC 8oz Vinyl Cement Glue with Brush Bonds Vinyl Coated and Vinyl Laminated Fabrics Highly Resistant to Temperature and Weather Extremes Excellent for Patching and Sealing The best PVC cement for inflatable It is a must for you to choose that right one that can be applied to the type of pool you own or the type of problem you are facing. It is quick and easy for you to repair any sized puncture and get your inflatable swimming pool or hot tub back in use in no time. Copyright © 2019 Swimming Pool Parts. The next product we are going to feature is a vinyl pool adhesive patch kit. When using glues, stay away from flames. As for glue, I recommend Stabond. This means that a single kit along can do a lot of patching and repair in your vinyl pool liners. The glue kit includes two complimentary 9 There are also other types of vinyl pool glue that are intended to be used on small pinholes or tears. As I’ve said previously, this is perfect when doing underwater repair but can also be used to seal holes for the above-water vinyl pool liner. Two types of leaks can appear in a kiddie pool, a hole in the side being the most common and one that allows water to leak out. Just note that it may not work well for flooring and other more extensive jobs due to its fast-drying formula decreasing work time. Another feature that I want to emphasize is its ability to dry quickly during the repair. As an added bonus, a brush is included upon purchase to be used during the sealing or patching process. Silicone glues are a less popular option for working with fabric vinyl since their texture and level of hold can sometimes make them prone to breaking or cracking due to the movement of the material. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Click or tap to zoom. Sometimes, the need to use more than one patch is necessary to increase its effectiveness and the strength of the patches. The second is Stabond Adhesive. Despite the minor issue, this product still tops on my list because of its quality and the ability to provide results quickly. In fact, this product has been considered as one of the highly-recommended pool liner repair glue in the inflatable and pool industry. In fact, this is an underwater vinyl adhesive that can be used in sealing holes underwater. As a pool owner, it is important for you to learn the process of patching a hole in your vinyl pool that causes water leakage. This was not designed for the bigger magnitude of repairing. There are a lot of brands that you can choose that provides the most effective and strong bond in fixing the pool liner. When working with vinyl, you need an adhesive that will hold everything in place without bubbling, rippling, or degrading the vinyl pieces. Learning how to patch is the best skill to learn in providing an immediate solution to water leakage and prevent the possible damage it brings. This classic product has overwhelmingly positive reviews and is one of the best, most well-rounded options out there. When it comes to its usage, this type of vinyl adhesive is great in sealing or patching holes in vinyl pool liners, tubes, rafts, toys, floats, and other similar inflatable objects. Video thumbnail. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about the vinyl pool glue that you can used for the swimming pool. Furthermore, this kit can also be used in repairing those small vinyl floaters, tubes, toys, and rafts. Repair kits consist of a specialty glue and replacement liner that you will need This repair kit is compatible with Intex's range of swimming pools, airbeds, and floating pool or water toys. I can highly recommend this product for purchase for the simple reason that it provides effectiveness in patching small holes to your vinyl pool liners and other small inflatable objects. It includes one Pool Above Glue Kit (24895) and eight round patches that measure 2.625". This next product that we are going to review is another product that can be used underwater. This is another product that works best with any vinyl pool liner that needs sealing or patching holes and tears. This is a good product to have that can be used for emergency purposes. One problem in particular that needs immediate solution and repair is the issue of water leakage, an issue that usually happens on vinyl pool liner. Leakage of water can also cause soil erosion and damage to the overall structure of the swimming pool. If you mix the glue with an accelerator, the strength of the bond won’t be improved, but it will become more heat resistant. For me, the is the best option when looking for an immediate solution in sealing and patching this type of item. Thanks to the underwater vinyl pool glue, the job of the repairman will be easy. One downside of this product is its high price. What are the most trusted vinyl pool glue brands? As a vinyl cement, this is a very heavy-duty formula that creates an intense, robust bond that can handle a lot of wear and tear. In fact, this adhesive patch kit can be used for repair to any type of condition whether its dry or wet surface. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided and you will have a leak-free swimming pool in no time. This adhesive work very well especially in sealing or patching parts that are submerged in water. Can be used under water. Additionally, taking time to wipe down the surface and dry it thoroughly before attempting to glue it will help the glue to better adhere without debris getting in the way and causing gapping. I also like the flexibility of this glue for vinyl pool liners especially when it comes to doing the repair underwater. Best Value: HH-66 PVC Vinyl Cement Glue “Super-Strong, Waterproof, Flexible Bonds, Highly Resistant to Temperature and Weather Extremes.” Best Budget: GORILLA R08000 Pvc Glue “Clear, PVC glue… All you have to do is remove the paper covering and apply it to the area where the hole is located. Another good thing about this product is its easy-usage feature. Click here to skip to our recommended pick! Steve Reply Polyurethane comes in several forms with the ones that work best on vinyl being the gel formulas akin to Gorilla Glue and other similar products. " is reader-supported. Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic Repair Adhesive Loctite Vinyl & Plastic was specially formulated for repairs to plastic fabrics such as vinyl. Generally, yes, though it does depend on the specific formula. If the tear or hole is underwater, you may need the help of the swimming google to be able to do the repairing or patching easily. This product is good but it is not intended to be used on a bigger vinyl pool. Buying a vinyl pool glue is relatively easy because this is readily available to any specialty store near your home. The kit contains two types of patches, 2 sheets of blue and 2 sheets of clear patches. If you can’t get Stabond, use another permanent-fix glue (not an instant one) for plastic materials. This is best used when sealing or repairing tiny tears and holes in your small vinyl pool. Many of these products are highly flammable so it is best that you take precautions and use in a cool, well-ventilated area where you do not have to worry about heat exposure risks. Aside from the need for owning the best cleaning equipment, a pool owner must also consider the aspect of pool repair as an important part of the cleaning and maintenance. While the adhesive works great on vinyl fabrics, it can also be used on plastics, wood, rubber, glass, paper, leather, and more. There are hundreds of glues out there that will do a great job assisting you in adhering vinyl to a wide range of materials. It is also quite effective for binding vinyl to plastic, especially for backsplashes and similar applications where a plastic backing may be placed on the wall for a non-permanent setup. All Rights Reserved. This product creates a very strong bond, locking the vinyl pieces in place, and, due to the thicker formula, you can easily smooth out the vinyl to prevent puckering or bunching. This is an adhesive patch kit that can be used to any small vinyl pool and other inflatable objects such as tubes, floats, toys, and other similar items. However, this product can only be used in patching small vinyl pools and other similar inflatable objects. However, if the tear or hole is 6 inches or more, the best advice is to replace your old pool liner with a new one. Marketed as “the Faster, Stronger, Tougher Glue”, this product is made to be one of the fastest curing, strongest, and longest-lasting glues on the market. It can also be used in repairing holes outside the pool and the area without water. This product that we are going to review is another underwater glue for pool liners that takes pride in its effectiveness at an affordable price. Gorilla Glue is a classic, ultra-popular product that works incredibly well on a wide range of surfaces. Failure to follow the instruction manual might reduce the effectiveness of the glue in providing the strongest bond in patching the hole of the vinyl pool. This product is our overall top pick due to the combination of effectiveness, quality, customer reviews, and price. When it comes to quality, we are talking about the effectivity of the product in providing a solution to your problem. Union Laboratories 104 Boxer Vinyl Adhesive for Swimming Pools, 7. The warranty of a vinyl pool glue varies depending on the company or manufacturer of the product. Boxer vinyl repair glue is the professionals choice when it comes to underwater patches. This is a perfect underwater glue for your pool with small sizes and can also work perfectly on vinyl floats, toys, and the like. I am still recommending this for purchase for everyone who owns an above-ground vinyl pool. There are called patch kits that can be used when you a small vinyl pool or inflatable objects such as toys, floats, tubes, rafts, among others. When gluing vinyl, you generally should go by the packaging of the product you have selected. Using a glue for your vinyl pool repair is important because it brings a lot of benefits when being applied in repairing holes and punctures in the vinyl pool. Product Description. Ideal for: Vinyl plastic, PU rubber, leather. Is there a need to drain the swimming pool in fixing a damaged pool liner? The packaging is designed to limit messes and create a neat, tidy workspace by giving you full control over how much glue is squeezed out or brushed on, making for a nicer experience. This product can be hit or miss, depending on the surface you are hoping to bond the vinyl too but yes, it will stick most of the time to the vinyl itself. The overall quality is excellent and the results are great when applied to your vinyl pool. Pinch together, with one hand, the sides of the seam split or hole in the vinyl toy. Works on several types of material including PVC, neoprene, and rubber. These brands are considered the cream of the crop in producing high-quality vinyl pool glue. Get it as soon as Mon, Aug 17. Rhino Glue is a popular product that comes in a wide range of forms to suit multiple different needs. Our best educated guess is that it will also work on a heavier gauge vinyl water tube, assuming the holes are small and the vinyl … Repair Products for Vinyl Liners and Products, Pool Accessories and More. The brand notes that this product can bind paper, glass, leather, wood, fabric, rubber, and some plastics. For me, the high price does not really affect the value of this product, especially in its effectivity in providing the best result in sealing or patching holes in the vinyl pool liner. Furthermore, this product can also be applied to repair inflatable toys, tubes, rafts, floats, and other similar objects. Finally, if you keep this glue tightly sealed after your first use, it will have a long shelf life. With these, it is important for you to consider the location of the hole or tear of the pool then choose the best glue that will provide the best repair for your swimming pool. Underwater Magic adhesive & sealant and our Underwater Magic Mosaic are extremely strong single component adhesives and sealants ready to use (no mixing involved), specially developed for the entire pool and spa area For underwater and dry patching of vinyl swimming pools, the Vinyl Patch Kit easily bonds patch to original vinyl product. In terms of usage, patching will be easy with the product’s easy-usage feature. Caring and maintaining the vinyl pool glue is basically the same as the other pool cleaning equipment. Some are designed to provide a quick and immediate solution in repairing small pinholes and tears. You should wear gloves and eye protection when applicable. It is a must for your chosen vinyl pool glue to provide the strongest possible bonds that will hold tight the holes or the tears of your vinyl pool. Best Glue for Vinyl Pool Repair Reviews of 2020 1. IPS 747 Pool R Spa Glue 0.25 Pint (Blue) (1) $11.99 $7.99 In Stock Boxer Vinyl Patch Kit 2 oz (2) $17.99 $14.99 No Stock Mr. Sticky Underwater Glue 30g $37.99 $21.99 In Stock Boxer Vinyl Patch Kit 4 … To prevent the water leakage from doing further damage, a vinyl pool glue is the best solution in patching or sealing the hole or tear depending the size of it. While holding the vinyl together, apply vinyl repair adhesive to the damaged area by inserting the glue into the split or hole. Pool cover repair is something you are going to have to deal with if you have a swimming pool cover for your swimming pool. The glue also dries clear and sets quickly, preventing transfer messes and unsightly marks at repair sites or seams. The patching vinyl is about 130 square inches which I think is enough to patch a huge number of holes. Included in the kit are 2 sheets of vinyl patches, an ounce of adhesive pack in a tube, and the applicator which will be used during repair. However, this product only works best in repairing small holes and tears. The demand for glue intended for pool repair has increased tremendously through the years. You will also have the option to buy it online particularly in Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Rakuten, and other top ecommerce stores. We have included different information to help you choose the right one for your swimming pool. This HH-66 Vinyl Cement Glue is a great, industrial-strength option that will lock any vinyl material in place permanently. The most ideal size is at least five times the diameter of the tear or hole that you are going to fix. Let’s take a look at five of the best glue for vinyl options and figure out which best suits your needs. This strength of the tape can hold temporarily until such time that you can properly patch the hole or tear with the proper vinyl pool glue. The high-strength adhesive is fast drying. The Fortivo Vinyl Repair Kit is good for repairing “pleather” (=polyurethane leather) and leatherette. In other words, it can be used to do a repairing of greater magnitude specifically in dealing with large tears and holes. If you don’t have time to read the full review and want to know what we choose as the best hot tub repair kit on the market, then we went for Blu Line Inflatable spa hot tub repair kit swimming pools the as our top pick for 2021. What is the difference between leakage and evaporation? There are vinyl patching kits that come in different colors particularly blue and clear. Loctite 1919324 Marine Epoxy 0.85-Fluid Ounce Syringe (1405604), 1 Pack, White Mr. Sticky’s Underwater Glue This glue combines the binding power of epoxy with the resiliency of rubber to achieve a firm bond. This is one of the best glues for vinyl flooring, especially for gluing vinyl flooring to wood. Designed to repair surfaces like vinyl seats and cushions, this Loctite product works amazingly for smaller, confined space repairs that would otherwise be difficult to maneuver around and seal. There were a few customers who complain about the poor packaging which causes the adhesives to leak. Usually, the patches in this kit are already cut into smaller sizes. That being said, there are some things you can do to help enhance the bonding in most applications. Epoxies are polymers and prepolymers that, once cured, create very strong, long-lasting bonds. Why do you need a glue for vinyl pool repair? The last product that we are going to review is another vinyl pool repair kit that is good to have in your home for emergency purposes. Learn the different kinds of glue and primer to use for swimming pool equipment - grey, clear, blue, orange & yellow glue PVC Glue & Primer For Swimming Pools is user-supported. There are a lot of available leak test products that can be purchased in the pool supplies stores. As one of the best glue for vinyl fabric product options, you can do a lot with these, including bonding vinyl to vinyl and vinyl to a host of other surfaces. This product is highly recommended for purchase if you own a small vinyl pool and other related vinyl -made items such as floaters, toys, raft, and tubes.